:10—Now do you understand, now do you see the difference? Yes this is and has been a great Pgh Steeler Defense…But mmmmmmaannn this “D” is nothing like the ORIGINAL STEEL CURTAIN FROM BACK IN THE DAY, TRUST ME! Joe Greene, L.C. Greenwood, Dwight White, Ernie Holmes, Jack Lambert, Jack Ham, Robin Cole, Mel Blount, J.T. Thomas, Dwayne Woodruff …they would have none of this nonsense…and you know it!!!


:09—In the Locker Room this week two of my long time partners, Don Patterson, the Godfather of “Keeping The Funk Alive” and James “Dr. J” Johnson the founder, owner, and director of the Afro American Music Institute along with his wife Pam. They’re reading Overtime every week now between programs and projects…you know they stay busy.

:08—Look you know I don’t care about the Red Sox bouncin’ their Manager Terry Francona. I don’t like nothin’ in Boston…not the Celtics…not the baked beans and especially not the Box Red Sox… I am a New York Yankees man…mmmaaannn!!

:07—Ok help me understand. Chief Nate Harper and the Pittsburgh Police Department are trying to make the Little League Football games in Homewood safer for our kids by getting unwanted and unrelated spectators off the sidelines and your mad because …???

:06—Do you not see a pattern here? The NFL cancelled half their pre-season now the NBA is doing the same. This is no coincidence they’re saving money…take it to the bank. I don’t know how, but they are!

:05—Ok, ok, here’s the Top 10 List…now shut up! Top 10 Football Players of all time…you can’t touch this!!! 1. Jim Brown 2. Jerry Rice 3. Lawrence Taylor 4. Joe Montana 5. Joe Greene 6. Dick Butkus 7. Mel Blount 8. Brett Farve 9. Terry Bradshaw 10. Gayle Sayers

:04—You can roll Bradshaw, Montana, Unitas and Elway into the same package but if you can’t protect your $100 million dollar quarterback you can’t win…period…end of story!

:03—Your Pittsburgh Penguins start the regular season this week…your Pittsburgh Pirates post another losing season…that’s all I got.

:02–If you’re not on board with the Rayco “War” Saunders Boxing Showcase you’re missing the action. Another great card and another great crowd over on the Southside is coming at ya again Nov. 17.

:01—You know what’s up. It’s the Champions New First Friday Par-Tay, Friday, Oct. 7 at The Club Health and Fitness Center in Monroeville up behind K-Mart in the Mall, Cash Bar, Cash Kitchen, Old School D.J. Mean Gee, Over 30 only—I.D. Required, The Best Vendors with the Best Goods, Honoring Special Ole School Guests, and yes, Richard Portis, the Fabulous Diamond Models will be there. $10 Donation Benefits The Champions Toys for Tots Christmas Party and Toy Giveaway.

~ Game Over ~

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