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:10—You know some of you amaze me. The Steelers lose, you complain. The Steelers win, you complain. What do you people want? Yes little Johnny, a win is a win is a win!

:09—Just a thought. When’s the last time you’ve seen kids playing kickball or dodgeball or volleyball or for that matter pick-up baseball with no adults. Call me “old school” and I am …but that’s an important missing ingredient for building good kids and guess what, it’s our fault!


:08—93.7 The Fan, sports talk radio 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and only two Black voices. Actually, just one and a half because one guy just reports.

C’mon man!!

:07—Ok, look it’s a new coach…and it’s a new system…and he’s got to get his own players…and this quarterback doesn’t fit this system…and, and, and, and… hey Neal, shut up maaaaannnn! Pitt Just Ain’t It!!! Not now anyway.

:06—Speaking of Pitt football, and for you South Vo-Tech grads (all 42 of you) that’s what I just made reference to. Coach was trying to sell us on a high octane offense and it looks like they filled up on low grade regular unleaded.

:05—Going back to that top ten best summer time records of all time, an e-mail follower reminded me I forgot “Bennie and the Jets” by Sir Elton John. Oh shut up, you did so…don’t lie!

:04—You call it like you see it, but Floyd Mayweather hit Ortiz with a cheap sucker punch. Yeah, I know, I know, protect yourself at all times and Ortiz didn’t. It was legal, but low class. You would have never seen Ali, Sugar Ray or Foreman throw that punch. I’m just saying!

:03—NFL in a flash…the Bills beat New England, yes that was an upset…the Detroit Lions are for real. They beat Minnesota for the first time in a hundred years…the Raiders blew up the Jets, Jets, Jets. The silver and black is back …Michael Vick, I love ya man, but if you don’t want to get hit or hurt, stop running the ball and throw it!…the Philadelphia Eagles may want to read the last chapter of the Miami Heat bio before they proclaim themselves “The Dream Team.”

:02 A new hook-up for ya called “In The Locker Room” in memory ofthe late great Kenny Durrett and his sports store back in the day down in East Liberty on Highland Avenue…yeah, you remember, and you probably got free shoes, too …Yes you did…shut up! Anyway, In The Locker Room this week the crew at Karl Mulberry’s Major’s Mobile Detail Service. They read the column every week between detail jobs.

:01—You knew it was coming…it was just a matter of time. The top ten list now get’s serious. Here we go…the top 10 finest ladies on the planet:

#1 Halle Berry

#2 Angelina Jolie

#3 Jennifer Lopez

#4 Eva Longoria

#5 Beyonce Knowles

#6 Angela Bassett

#7 Zoe Saldana

#8 Pamela Anderson

#9 Sanaa Lathan

#10 Anji Corley

Think you got a better list? Go old school. Mail it to me. I’ll put yours in the paper…if it’s better, better!! (Champion Enterprises, 416 Springdale Drive, Pgh, PA 15235)


:00—First Friday Old School Par-Tay is back, Friday, October 7th, at The Club, in Monroeville, 8:00-2:00a.m., 30 and over—food, drinks, line dancing…be there or be square. Call 412-628-4856 for info.


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