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(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

I have only been married for 12 months and every day I wake up in sorrow and go to bed the same way. This is my problem: Two months into my marriage, my wife asked if we could have an open relationship. I was shocked and without hesitation I said no.


From that time on she has completely become a different person than the woman I married. I have always disliked a woman with a tattoo. That was one of the reasons I became attracted to her. She did not wear a wig or have a weave. It is a matter of opinion but I prefer to have a woman who looks plain than a woman who is false in appearance.

My wife got her first tattoo during the third month of our marriage. Gwendolyn, it is not so much as to the tattoo, but instead the name that is on her arm. She recently met a man on-line and says she has fallen in love with him. Don’t you think I should be upset? All my friends and family are calling me a…—Benjamin

Dear Benjamin:

You didn’t mention the name you are being called, but there are so many names to fit your situation—none of them good. Sure, you should be upset. In fact, I’m sure you are feeling quite hurt. Let me tell you this: You need to allow your wife to get a divorce so she can move on with her life. I congratulate your decision not to have an open relationship. The world has gone upside down and people are no longer respecting their marriage vows. Open relationships lead to the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases—and a pregnancy not knowing who the father is.

Benjamin, think about it. When a woman is vain, one man cannot hold her attention. Your wife’s body will become a camouflage of names and not even one of those—being yours.

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