It is amazing and sometimes confusing the way we use words, and oft times the words are misused.

Do you know a person who abuses the language in order to appear impressive?

There was an associate of mine that brutalized the English language and if you attempted to correct him he would become agitated to the extent he would use cuss words that all of us understood.


The other day I attended a luncheon and a person said to me “that the city of Pittsburgh needed more gadflies like me.” And it was said in a complementary manner, and I accepted it like that.

Webster defines a gadfly as someone who irritates people, and that definition motivated me to write this column.

In my perception of myself, I am an irritator to some; prick the conscience of others; embarrass those who can be embarrassed; give some a reason to ponder what I write and say; and most importantly, I have been able—by “TELLING THE TRUTH”—to influence those in authority to appoint Black people to influential positions.

My column and my lifetime of commitment have provided me with access to power and that’s how you are able to make positive actions occur. [Not bragging just proud.]

The following words are used with great regularity, but do we know the meaning?

1. Education and smart are not one and the same, because you can be educated in a certain field, but you are not necessarily smart.

2. Rich or poor—richness is not a state of being; it is a state of mind, because you can have houses and land, but be poor spiritually and bankrupt morally.

3. Preacher or pastor—any person can be a preacher, but a pastor is one who does God’s bidding.

4. Big church and small church—people are the ones who place a great emphasis on the structure, stain glass windows and membership numbers, but nowhere in the Bible will you find any reference made about big churches or small churches.

5. Blackness—we are every shade imaginable, but Blackness cannot be measured by pigmentation but by depth of concern and consciousness.

6. Is loyalty to the corporation the same mentality the house Negro had on the plantation? When we work we owe the corporation a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay, but we don’t owe the corporation our soul.

7. Arrogance can be positive and negative. Arrogance in a positive manner can be defined as being self-assured or proud. Arrogance is a negative when you perceive yourself as better than others and look down on people.

8. Pride and self-hate—when you are able to look in the mirror and see a person that you recognize as a positive person and one who is doing or has done everything possible to improve your quality of life and everyone that you come in contact with, you should have a sense of self-pride. Self-hate results in horrific acts that are destructive to self and others and a person is often driven to synthetics such as alcohol and drugs.

9. Registered Independent does not make you better than a registered Democrat or Republican, it only means you usually can’t vote in Pennsylvania primaries.

10. Regular church attendee does not automatically translate into being a Christian.

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(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum Page.)

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