:10 First of all my sincere apologies to Coach Ringo Saunders, G.M. Nedome Lowe and the great players of Bump Yes. “Magic” Mike Williams, Thomas “Bum” Coates, Ronnie McCrae, Len “Houndini” Johnson, The Twins and the Knockout Artist Kenny Lewis and the entire organization…My Bad…My Bad…My Bad! And I know you’re not going to believe it and think I did it just to stir up talk but I didn’t. It was truly an accident. Here’s the revised list. The Top 10 Connie Hawkins Teams of all time and for that matter in the nation because at that time the Connie Hawkins League was ranked as one of the Top 10 summer leagues in the nation. (l) Rankin Gangsters, Coach Eddie Jefferies—3 Titles (2) Cosmic Echroes, Coach Slade & Johnson—2 Titles (3) The Force, Coach Rich Allen—2 Titles (4) Bump Yes, Coach Ringo Saunders—2 Titles (5) The Rebels, Coach Karen Hall—2 Titles (6) Panthers, Coach Rico Appendanza—2 Titles (7) Rise High, Coach “Dre”—2 Titles (8) The Heat, Coach Ron Bogus—1 Title (9) The Grayhounds, Coach Andre McDonald—1 Title…And I might add most important title) Four way tie—All with one (1) Title 1. Fire—Coach Tuna Fish 2. Clariton’s Finest—Coach “Hook” 3. Big’s Storm—Coach “Skip” —(Thanks for the shutout) 4. The Nets—Coach Titus. And yes “Bump Yes” did bring “The noise” and man did they bring “The Funk” now having said all that I still don’t like ya’ll!… You stole one from me at Peabody!! Now shut up mmmaaannn! (Just kidding much love and respect…Hey who was that left handed guy, he was killing us?)

:09 I told you about Cam Newton, I told ya. Just look at your old Couriers, you’ll see. But where are “They” now. How come “They’re” not talking about him now?

:08 Peyton Manning is hurt, maybe out for the season. So what, why do we care? This is Steeler Country mmmaaannn! I bet no one in Indy was crying when Big Ben got hit by a car or got suspended.

:07 Don’t worry the Steelers will be alright. Trust me, they can’t play any worse… But man you got knocked xxxx out! (Reference the movie Friday?) It was in fact like the legendary Stan Savaran said…A perfect storm. Steelers went in thinking they already won. The Ravens were really hyped. That’s a tough stadium to win in. Flacco knew he had to beat Ben.

:06 Hey Gladys…Are the Pirates still playing?

:05 If you missed the White Party at the Fox Chapel Yaught Club last week we ain’t mad at ya! We know the road construction caused problems but thanks for trying.

:04 But now it’s time to get back on the Good Foot. The Champions Old School First Friday Par-Tays are back starting Oct. 7 at The Club Health and Fitness Center in Monroeville. And we’re going every First Friday unless the weather says we can’t!! And by the way. Hey Fellas did you know the ladies are. Three (3) to one (l) at the Champions Par-Tay?…I am just saying!

:03 Just relax, Serena will be ok. She’s still in come back mode. She was off for a long time. (hell yeah that was a bad call…oops sorry…My bad…But Serena said worse!)

:02 Calender update for ya! The Champions Mixed Doubles Celebrity Tennis Tournament Sept. 24, 1-8 p.m. Sign up 11 a.m. Highland Park Tennis Courts 412-628-4856 for information. Champions End of Summer Car Cruse—All wheels welcome Sept. 25 (Steelers play away and late) 2-7 p.m.—Taco Bell, Rt. 22 Monroeville—Fundraiser for Toys for Tots—Cash and Trophies for best cars in various categories, 412-628-4856 for information.

:01 Here’s the Top 10 list you’ve been asking for. You can’t argue with the list: Top 10 Black Movies of All Timmmmeee! 1. “Super Fly” 2. “Shaft” 3. “Lady Sings The Blues” 4. “Bingo Long and the Traveling All Stars” 5. “Ali” (Will Smith) 6. “Uptown Saturday Night” 7. “Waiting to Exhale” 8. “The Wiz” 9. The Mack 10. The Color Purple. Ok you might disagree. If you do e-mail your list to


Don’t look now but former Pgh. Steeler Edmund Nelson is fast becoming the Best Football color analyst in town. (I am just saying)


To the lovely lady…The nurse that stopped me in the strip last Saturday and said she reads the column. Thanks, keep reading and bring your crew to the Oldies Par-Tay!


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