When are people going to learn that recording your actions is going to get you in trouble especially when you decide to take the videotape on the “Dr. Phil” show? Yes I’m talking about the mother who put hot sauce in her adopted son’s mouth because he lied and then put him in a cold shower. I’m curious what type of punishment she is dishing out to her biological seven. I saw this episode of “Dr. Phil” and seem to remember the issue being a lot deeper than punishment. The segment featured a home movie of the mom, Jessica Beagley, punishing her son for getting in trouble at school and lying about it. Also I would like to add that the mom responded to a request for unusual ways of punishment. In confessional-style explanations, Beagley provided commentary, saying she had tried other methods of discipline, including time outs, and spankings, but to no avail. “He’ll turn and look at you like, ‘Is that all you’ve got?’” Beagley said. In the hood he would get a beat down just for that look.

Beagley said on the episode that she had first tried putting soap in her son’s mouth, but it had no effect. The lady went on “Dr. Phil” to get help because the methods were not working with her son, who has been said to suffer from reactive attachment disorder, a behavioral problem that makes effective discipline difficult, as the child has a “survival” mentality, says her attorney William Ingaldson. The disorder can occur when a child does not bond with a parent within the early years of life and affects the sense of right and wrong. The young boy and his twin brother were adopted from Russia when they were 5 years of age.

If a lot of parents from my day would have videotaped their discipline tactics all of our parents would be in jail and so would the kids. I still believe the change in how children are disciplined is the downfall of our kids today. Put on the record “Pappa Don’t Take no Mess” and make them recognize who is running the show, surely not the kids or now known as the “shorty” in the house.

When I watch some of these shows like “Super Nanny” and see these kids running the house, I can’t get over it. The parents in the neighborhood where I grew up didn’t need to call in anyone to help get the kids in order. If they put hot sauce on your tongue, you just better hope it was Frank’s and pray you don’t have to go outside and pick your own switch.

Reportedly people from the Russian adoption agency have paid a visit to the house and they were satisfied with the situation. At least this mom did not send her son back to Russia like that other mom who just gave up.

Now don’t get this twisted, I’m not saying that this would be my method of choice for discipline but I’m like Chris Rock when he was commenting on the OJ Simpson case, I may not agree with the method but “ I understand.” Hot sauce mom, could face a year in jail and a $10,000 fine. Now that is extreme punishment, how about a dose of hot sauce and a cold shower?

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