There is nothing like a birthday celebration. I just had a birthday and, unlike some, I couldn’t wait to celebrate. I try to celebrate for the entire month of August. I have joined several birthday clubs and now I get a lot of free things. This year I received meals, ice cream, Italian ice and store discounts. All of my BFFs took me out or gave me gifts. We do that for each other.


One funny thing happened during our celebration at a Japanese restaurant. I saw several tables around us getting birthday greetings with a big sparkler. I told my friends to make sure I got that as well. So the wait staff come to our table, sang happy birthday, gave me a dish of ice cream with a candle and the big sparkler. When we got our bill there was a charge for the birthday celebration. I was outdone. Any time I’ve gone to other restaurants and they sing for your birthday and bring you a free dessert, that is right free, no additional charge.


I work with some people who try to hide their birthday. I don’t get it. To me it is such a special day, the day you came into the world. I took my own balloons to work and brought in donuts for everyone in my department. I have already started to plan my birthday for next year, it is a big one and each place that I have called has been amazed that I am planning my own birthday. Who else would plan it and why would I wait for someone to do it?

I planned one party in my lifetime for someone else, for my sister; by the look on her face she was so surprised. For her sixtieth birthday I had already taken her to Jamaica for her birthday so she wouldn’t expect the birthday party in Detroit the next following week. I made the centerpieces in Pittsburgh and worked with my niece and brother-in-law to pull off the surprise in Detroit. My sister didn’t even know I was in town, that was really funny. It was a lot of fun to surprise her and she so enjoyed it.

I like parties with themes, like costume parties, masquerades, white parties, red parties, you name it. Life is too short not to have fun, especially on your birthday. I love to do something on milestone birthdays; you know the thirtieth, fortieth and fiftieth. These are the ones most people try to hide. Why? If we see you are still alive you must be a year older. That never made sense to me, especially people who are born around the same time or people who you graduated with. Duhhh, don’t you think I know how old you are?

What is that old cliché that a woman is never supposed to tell her age and a woman who will tell her age will tell anything? Don’t people know that you can look at most people and determine how old they are? I don’t care how black they dye their hair. Celebrate your birthday, celebrate big or small. Life is so short and so many people’s lives are cut short too soon.

Happy birthday to all my Leo and August buddies.

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