I pause to acknowledge some of those individuals who live positive lives through their actions and commitments.

•Malik Bankston, executive director and the driving force to build Kingsley Association at a cost of $9 million, and also supported the Black College Tour for 29 years.

•Chris Moore, “Moore of Pittsburgh,” radio and television personality and creator of print, radio and television journalism school for youths for the last 29 years.


•Richard Adams, CCAC executive director of Freda G. Shapiro Learning Center.

•Your Sisters Project on Aug. 21, provided Pittsburghers with the opportunity to demonstrate their talents at the Hill House. It was titled aptly “Pittsburghers Got Talent.”

•Assistant Chief of Police Maurita Bryant, 34 years, a competent professional.

•Luther Sewell, who never was employed by any person but has been self-employed for 48 years.

•Irvin Williams, the only proven Black developer in Allegheny County. He developed two buildings on Centre Avenue, the Williams Bldg. and One Hope Center; and was the contractor that built Kingsley Association.

•Marcia Sturdivant, PhD, executive director of CYS, a person who clearly demonstrates the 4 C’s—commitment, caring, compassion, courage.

•Police Detective Brenda Tate epitomizes the strength of her conviction by her active role of professional police officer, and is also active in Ebenezer Baptist Church and the Hill District community.

•Herman Reid, PhD, the builder and prime motivator of NEED. He accepted the task many years ago, resigned from his teaching position with a vision while he had a wife and seven children. That is a definite sign of the 4 C’s.

•Bomani Howze, a young man who has proven that he cares and currently holds the position of vice president of a recently founded corporation whose focus is rebuilding the economy.

•William “Bill” Robinson currently occupies two of the most powerful and influential positions in Allegheny County—budget chairman of Allegheny County Council and chairman of Allegheny County Community College Trustee Board.

•Jeffrey “Jeff” Thomas, the only full-time self-employed Black lobbyist in Western Pennsylvania.

•Frederick Douglas, owner and founder of Cosmo Engineering. He has a driving concern about helping improve the quality of education for the youth, particularly in the field of mathematics where he donates his ability.

•Edward Brown started a garage on the corner of Lincoln and Lemington at the age of 19. Twenty years later in 2011, Eddie is still in business and growing.

Carl Redwood and Marimba Milliones, two people that clearly have demonstrated with their life commitment to the Hill District that an apple does not fall far from the tree.

Please remember Kingsley Association.

(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum Page.)

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