:10 Now listen to me Pittsburgh. I don’t ask much of you but I really need you on this one. I need everybody to put their collective prayers together for your friend and mine Eddie “E.J.” Jefferies. The best of the best good guys, former Pittsburgh Courier sports editor and the all time leader in wins in the Connie Hawkins Summer Basketball League as a coach. Get well soon E.J. we’re pulling for ya… “South of the border down Mexico way!!”


:09 Speaking of the Connie Hawkins League, let’s not forget that from 1975 to 1990 the league was ranked by the Atlanta Constitution and Coach Al McGuire, (former legendary coach at Marquette) and his classic summer basketball league book “Heat in the Street” as one of the Top 10 Leagues in the nation. And no wonder when the league featured some of the world’s all time greatest players. Back in the day you would come to the Homewood YMCA or East Hills Park and see “The Hawk” himself, Kenny Durrett, Jeep Kelly, Armon Gilliam, Norm Nixon, Charles Smith, Sam Clancy, Ron Brown, John Marshall, Ron Carter and an endless list of world class stars. And don’t forget spectators included a who’s who of legendary names including Julius Dr. J. Erving, L.C. Greenwood, Blair Underwood, and Lamon Rucker just to name a few. Man those were the days!

:08 Hold up…wait a minute…all this to say the 2nd Annual Connie Hawkins League Reunion will be held Sept. 8 at the Fox Chapel Yacht Club as a part of the Champions and Five Starr Corporation End of Summer “White Par-Tay.” This reunion is in memory of all our fallen legends: Armon Gilliam, Maurice Lucas, Jeep Kelly, Kenny Durrett and others. All ex-players and coaches from the league get in at 1/2 price with I.D. (And don’t try to front I know if you played or not!)

:07 Somebody asked…no not somebody, it was Karl Parker and the Giant Eagle crew…why I haven’’t mentioned Archie McGill, the former Schenley High great. Alright here ya go. Archie McGill is one of the greatest City League players of all time. He stands shoulder to shoulder with that Great Spartan State Championship Team…Kenny Durrett, Petey Gibson, Munter Brundridge, Jimmy Prince, HotRod and McGill. (Someone correct me if I am wrong…you know it doesn’t happen often Bill Neal at Overtime 412-628-4856).

:06 City League Basketball, the history is second to none…mmaannn ya gotta love it!!!

:05 Shout out’s to: The New Ozanam Basketball League for another successful summer in helping our kids be the best they can be under the direction of Curtis Cureton and Darelle Porter and the assistance of Coach Karen Hall and others. Don’t worry Karl Kohlman, the Guru of Pittsburgh Youth Summer Basketball, your legend continues in great hands.

My long time main man, former college roommate and ex-great Gateway Gator running back Rob Chambers and Robbie’s Old School Southern Style Rib Joint out on Ardmore Blvd. Stop…Look…Listen (aka the Stylistics), put the newspaper down and go get them ribs right now. I am telling you and you know I tell you right. And you ain’t gonna believe the sauce.

:04 Speaking of me telling ya right I told ya about Cam Newton didn’t I! “They” don’t know what “they’re” talking about and Plaxico and Pryor are coming next.

:03 Can someone please tell me how Merrill Hodge, the former average Steelers running back, can tell…not suggest…but tell Tim Tebow that he will never be a NFL quarterback. Hodge you got some nerve and you need to spend more of your time learning how to wear a tie. C’mon man ain’t nobody wearing them 1932 Big Tie Knots!!

:02 Here’s Your Final Word Top

1. Uggla, your hitting streak for the Braves ends at 33 games. Nice run but now you know 56 games ain’t easy.

2. The Uganda Little League baseball team got robbed by the U.S. State Department—Go online people, read the story.

3. Cam Newton, Curt McCoy, Tim Tebow…those are champion names man. They can’t fail.

4. Steelers lose the opener…it’s just pre season Peggy, just relax.

5. I’ll take Dieon Sanders right now over our D-Backs and he hasn’t played in 5 years.

:01 Get ready for the next Champion Enterprise/Five Starr Corporation event on Labor Day Monday, Sept. 5.—The 36th Annual Champions Mixed Doubles Celebrity Tennis Tournament at the Highland Park courts, lower level, open to all talent levels, huge trophies, $10 registration, Donna Bey, director. Call to register now at 412-628-4856.

(Players Note: We wait on the rain!)


:00 Here’s the short story, long story to come. The Champions/Five Starr Corporation White Par-Tay brought to you by the Soul Pitt and Brotha Ash Productions, All White Dress, 6-8 p.m., Happy Hour Reception, Par-Tay 8 p.m.-until. Cash bar, cash kitchen, (meet the Fabulous Diamond Models, D.J. EZ-E the Old School D.J., and if you don’t know now you know EZ-E is the baddest man in the land!! All these on the waterfront and you know the celebrities will be there. They always are…“We Are Champions.”

~ Game Over ~

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