(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

Last year I met a wonderful man and we started dating. I love him and he has asked for my hand in marriage. I have never been married and at times lost all hope in doing so. I am 78 and he is 86. We both reside at a nursing home with assisted living. We each have our separate semi-apartment, but I often find myself late at night tipping to spend the night with him. That is, providing the nurses at the medical station are not being alert on duty.

I said all that to say this: He has terrible bad breath. How can I tell him that his breath stinks? I don’t want to lose him. After all, at 78 you don’t get proposals.— Susan


Dear Susan:

I knew you were elderly before you mentioned your age. Not many young ladies today refer to “he has asked for my hand in marriage.” My hand? However, I am delighted to know you are happy and that’s all that matters.

As to his halitosis, have the facility’s doctor treat him for the problem. If you choose, ask the doctor to not reveal you were the person concerned. In the meantime, you need to have a broader knowledge of the problem. (Read “Curing Halitosis the Natural Way” by Chin Chun Wu—Copyright 2011. Kindle eBooks)

Let me tell you this: As to tipping to his room late at night, why? It is nice to enjoy the closeness of someone at any age. But think about it. Maintenance, such as mopping floors, is done while residents are asleep. Girl, stay in your room so that you will not fall and become injured. Whatever he whispers in your ear at late night can be said—come morning.

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