If you remember two weeks ago I wrote a column titled, “Only Blacks can resurrect their communities.” The URA last week had a news release that stated, eventually the entire 9th district (East Liberty Homewood) would be rebuilt. The first contract will consist of 20 houses, and I KNOW there are Black developers and contractors that will be bidding for the project. This can be the beginning for Black men and women who are business-oriented.


Overwhelmingly over the last 40 years the alleged programs that in theory were designed to ensure Blacks share in contracts, goods and services, have not been overly successful. In the year 2011 Blacks are still fighting the same fight over and over. Governmental bodies and corporations will take exception to this column but you know it’s the gospel (truth).

As you travel around just take a look around and see if you see any member of the Back community working in the community. There has been building on Centre Avenue, Larimer, Fifth Avenue, Negley, Penn Avenue and East Liberty. The projects are funded by tax dollars and private dollars, but until we become united, vocal, and stand together and develop a spokesperson nothing will ever change.

If we are to share or build the new 9th council district we must make it happen, because it will not happen on its own.

One day last week a local radio station had three people on for three hours and I listened intently.

Neither the commentator, nor any of the guests, ever mentioned the unbelievable unemployment statistics among Black men. In fact there was no mention about Blacks throughout Allegheny County. [All three are political and seeking our votes.] I will be writing a column in the near future about that issue.

I will always remember that then state legislator Bill Robinson published a report card on the building of the two stadiums and the authority received a red E because Blacks were denied opportunities.

There were a host of Blacks who fought over the years attempting to improve the work situation generally with negative results. A large part of the problems today is our inability to recognize that we are a part of the problem and that we must become the major part of the solution, nothing will change unless forced to change.

Please remember the Kingsley Association.

(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum Page.)

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