Over the years I have attended an untold number of meetings. They ran the gamut from religious, political, family, community and others. Those of you who have been in attendance at some of those meetings know I generally promoted free speech and some times I ignored Robert Rules.

On occasion some—Whites and Blacks alike—would ask me about a speech I made or a column that I had written. They would ask, “Why are you so angry?” My answer is, “Of course I am angry, but it is always temporary, because the God I serve has been awfully good to me.”


The second part of my standard answer is too few of us get angry. In many instances we are docile, timid, afraid and really want people to like us. Those who have that overwhelming need to be liked suffer from a definite lack of self-esteem. The common denominator among Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Gandhi, Medgar Evers, Congressman Rev. Adam Clayton Powell, Minister Louis Farrakhan, and those of us who have a sense of self-esteem is to command respect.

Throughout the years I have witnessed the lackluster self-serving performance of those who want to be liked. They epitomize the house Negro, not the “we sick Massa” kind, but those who ask are Blacks qualified and demonstrate their lack of concern when it comes to providing opportunities for Blacks sharing in the American Dream. They fail to display any initiative and constantly say and do what they believe those they answer to would want them to do.

It has always been my lifetime conviction that the trillions of dollars being wasted on incarceration and rehabilitation could be better spent on programs of self-esteem at the very earliest stages. Then and only then will the number of those who want to be liked be diminished.

The Kingsley Association and our children need our financial assistance.

(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum Page.)

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