There are a combination of Blacks that do not really understanding the negatives of urban renewal, changes that occurred within the Black churches, decline of Black political power and White officials who suffer with the mentality of the Klan and apartheid, those who gave the American Indians blankets infected with small pox and let us not forget the atrocity of Black men being injected with syphilis.

Some foundations have provided certain Black organizations over the years with millions with the alleged intentions of eradication of the multiple problems that threaten the fabric of Black communities across this nation.

The government—local, state and federal—were convinced of the viability and importance of helping the development of programs to help in the inner city.


There was a period of time of time that all professional Blacks lived in the same communities with us. They were our friends and neighbors, but then came a period of time that they were afforded an opportunity to move to more affluent predominate White communities. They deserved and earned the right to live wherever they chose.

The resurgence of the Black communities, however can only take place when Blacks assume the responsibility of being the architects and builders. HOW?

One of the reasons the Black communities are in dire straits is that a number of recent successful Blacks fail to recognize how they achieved their current status and how a number of unsung persons made it possible. When will they truly understand that they stand on the shoulders of others and that they owe a debt that must be paid?

The Black church has become too materialist, they focus too little on the spiritual growth of the members and an over focus on the building edifice, and have failed to live out God’s greatest commandment “LOVE.”

Black politicians have become mesmerized by White politicians and have placed them on a pedestal and have permitted themselves to believe that one party is better than the other. The truth is there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrats or Republicans. There can be a difference between the candidates.

Please remember that our youth at Kingsley Association need your financial help.

(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum Page.)

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