:10 Dallas in six (6) as predicted!! Now all you so called B-Ball experts shut-up…Get in line and pay attention.

:09 Summer youth employment opportunities cut by 83 percent…What? I wonder if that number can be reduced if, I don’t know, maybe if we weren’t spending 500 million to build a tunnel under the river to go from one side to the other! And by the way don’t we have more bridges than any other city in America…I am just asking???


:08 Every athlete reading this article right now (and I mean real athletes, not Langley Grads) knows what I am about to say is true. Every college football and basketball player and maybe a few other sports, everyone that is worth something to their school, gets paid. Stop acting like Terrelle Pryor invented getting paid on the side. C’mon man!!!

:07 News flash…news flash…Jaylen Coleman is a superstar in the making sure to reach that status under Coach Terry Smith at Gateway High School where he will play his senior year of football and on both sides of the ball I might add. What do you think these guys are going to start doing now that they have options. The Pittsburgh School System is in trouble and getting worse by the minute. Hey I went to Penn Hills High School, but you city folks better wake up and rise up and stop this slow decay of the City League.

:06 LeBron…shut up!!! You were the one that predicted 10 titles. Look unless your last name is “Ali” or “Namath” I suggest you stay out of the prediction business.

Flashback: “For this next fight I just can’t wait…I am gonna knock that sucker out in eight…But don’t be surprised if he hits the floor in four…And if I hear him going around talking bad about me I’ll knock him out in three!!!”— “The Greatest of all time” Muhammad Ali

:05 Pitt won’t play Penn State…Penn State won’t play Pitt…now they’re going to play in 2016…both schools are equally stupid.

:04 Sugar Ray Leonard just released a book and revealed he was molested as a child. No. 1 TMI (Too Much Information), secondly you were a boxer when it happened…I am saying!

:03 Pirates are two games under .500…yeaaa, Bruins won…yeaaa, Shaq retired…yeaaa, and Tiger ain’t playing and some young kid is blowing up the course. Now you’re caught up.

:02 Roland Slade ain’t called me since 1979 when the Echoes stole my Connie Hawkins League Title up in East Hills. Now he’s calling “The Kid” so I can clear up a argument between him and “Bum” Coates as to who won the most CHL Titles. First, I don’t know…second I don’t care…third I don’t like either one of you or your teams. But I am a professional so I’ll have your answer next week. But my gut feeling tells me … can you say Rankin Gangsters??

:01 Champions…you know how we roll. It’s on now! The Kick-Off First Friday was a huge success and round two is coming at ya soon. Friday, July 1 it’s The Champions First Friday at the Club Health and Fitness Center in Monroeville. Special guests will include the Fabulous Diamond Models, World Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion Jacquet Bazemore, World Light Heavyweight Boxing Champion Rayco “War” Saunders and the Classic Old School Sounds of D.J. EZ-E. For information call The Champions at 412-628-4856 or 412-609-3888.


:00 Speaking of hockey, and I was but you missed it, 20,000 White people tear up the city of Vancouver after their hockey team loses and they call it “over celebration” but if 100 Black people have a fight at Kennywood Park it’s called a gang incited riot…I am just saying!


:00 They need to rename “Red Lobster” to Black Lobster on Father’s Day…You know what I am saying don’t act like you don’t. Everybody there…waiting list two hours…you know!!


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