Remember that commercial that was selling an oldies record collection? This is the commercial where the one brother didn’t want to buy the collection he wanted to borrow it. You know where I’m going here, that famous line, “Oh no my brother you have to get your own.” That is exactly what a friend of mine tells everyone who asks him can they have his New Pittsburgh Courier once he is finished reading it. He typically points them to the closest newsstand, gas station or Giant Eagle and points out to them that the Courier is still 50 cents. That is right two case quarters is all you need to get America’s Best Weekly.

Fifty cents used to buy you a candy bar, a pack of chewing gum, a can of soda and maybe an ice cream cone but not now. However, it will still buy you a beautiful color copy of the Courier.

I don’t understand our people, I’m talking now to the people who are reading a borrowed edition of the paper or one that someone gave them. What is it going to hurt you to pick up the paper once a week? Are you afraid that you might need those two quarters for the casino? You know you can’t put less than a $5 bill in those slot machines at the Rivers and there are none that allow you to drop in a quarter. You can still play the lottery with 50 cents but why gamble with the money? Go for the sure thing.

Maybe you are wondering what has sparked this rant. Of course it is my love of the paper, but also the emptiness of having so few Black mediums. Just think if the Courier was in every Black home just in the Pittsburgh area alone, wouldn’t that be great? I think so. The next time you think about borrowing someone else’s paper or asking for a free one, pull out the 50 cents and get your own.

Now that I’m done with that, I want to tell you about a new book I just finished. Victoria Christopher Murray, the author of “Sins of the Mother,” “The Ex Files” and the Jasmine series, is back with “The Deal, the Dance and the Devil.” I loved it. Let me just whet your reading appetite: “What would you do for $5 million?” That is right five not one. Adam and Evia Langston have been a couple since they were 15 years old. They have gone from the PJs to a cul-de-sac and now their life is on a downward spiral. They are offered $5 million by Shay-Shaunte, Evia’s multi-millionaire boss. What do they have to do to get the money? There must be some strings attached. This book was a page-turner; I enjoyed every twist and turn. The book is published by Simon and Schuster.

Also by Simon and Schuster, is a novel by Aliya S. King titled “Platinum.” These writers are fantastic. In “Platinum” King takes you into the crazy world of hip-hop wives and lovers. There is a story being written within the story. A popular journalist is writing about an aging rapper, multi-platinum selling R&B artist, the wife of a Jamaican singer and yes there is a video vixen in the mix. Both books are good and steamy.

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