:10 I call upon the might of The Mighty Thor, the X-Factor of the X-Men, the web juice of Spider Man, Batman … Superman … Green Hornet … Green Lantern or for that matter Mr. Green Jeans … all y’all … drop a comic book bomb on the Miami Heat and save what’s left of my basketball dignity. I am holding tight … the Mavs in six, take it to the Bank!!!

:09 Is it me or are there never any R&B groups performing after a Pirates’ game. Just Rock & Roll and Country. I am just asking!!!


:08 Derek Jeter will hit number 3,000 next week. He only needs nine hits to become the 20th player in history to do so. As amazing as that is, New York is still not happy with him. No matter what you just can’t please everybody.

:07 President Fred Crawford I’ll see you Saturday …. you know!

:06 “Tiger” will be back and he will beat Jack Nicklaus’ majors record. He just needs time to re-group both mentally, physically and emotionally. The time he’s taking now is the time he should have taken before rushing back.

:05 Don’t feel sorry for LeBron. He made the predictions for eight (8) titles not me. The moral of this story … unless your name is “Ali” or “Namath” don’t make predictions.

:04 Mike Tyson went in the Boxing Hall of Fame last week and that’s all I am saying. No wise cracks here cause Mike is still crazy … you don’t just get rid of crazy just like that because you’re in a movie or two … c’mon man !!!

:03 I thought Lance Armstrong did this, that and the other and was the drug kingpin of the world!!! People, and you know who you are, stop saying stuff you can’t prove please!

:02 Still think “Dirk” can’t play? Remember when you Schenley and Fifth Avenue Ballers said Bird couldn’t play?? SHUT UP … “Dirk” can play. And what about the Mavs’ defense? Nobody wants to talk about that.

:01 Get ready it will be here before you know it. First Friday presented by Five Starr, July 1 at the Club Health and Fitness in Monroeville and it’s Nadine’s birthday!! You can bring your birthday par-tay to our par-pay too. Just call Five Starr at 412-628-4856.


:00 By now you should know that the Highland Park Tennis Association (HPTA) is doing a fantastic job providing free tennis clinics for our area youth and adults as well. You can join the fun too. Just go down to the Highland Park Tennis Courts every Saturday morning from 9:30 to 11:00 am. HPTA is joined by CitiParks and Champion Enterprises in providing this quality program.


My column goes to final edit on Sunday at 12 noon. When you get this in print I already made my prediction same as you. I am sticking to my guns … The Dallas Mavs in six (6)!


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