Way back in the day, around 1972 someone suggested to me that they could take a nude picture of me with a Polaroid camera. It didn’t sound like a good idea to me. That picture could have lived somewhere forever and that was only a Polaroid.

What are these people thinking that send pictures out on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and text? Hasn’t anyone learned from Tiger Woods? When I heard the latest twitter mess about New York Rep. Anthony Weiner I knew no one had hacked into his account, the lie was written all over his face. What is wrong with these men?


They get married and then start texting other women and men. I’m talking to you too Eddie Long, standing in the mirror with your camera phone. What is that about? Don’t get married, stay by yourself and have all the fun you want.

Send pictures in your Speedo’s of your bare naked chest to strangers. Let the world see how crazy you really are. You would think these people would have more sense, don’t they watch the news? Or are they too busy playing with their phones and laptops.

You would think after one teacher went to jail for sending pictures of herself to her underage male students that no one would do it anymore. Ha! Just last week I heard about another knucklehead teacher who sent nude pictures of herself to some young boy. What kills me is these are the people that have been hired to teach young impressionable minds.

Shouldn’t these teachers take some type of test to see if they are safe to be around children? All of this nonsense with politicians, actors and celebrities tweeting, texting and sexting has become a distraction. Our lives have become so consumed with the crazy Braxton family (what family besides the Jacksons have all their noses done by the same surgeon), Tiny and Toya, drugged out d-list celebrities and the Kardashians.

We’re so busy finding out who can sing, who can dance and who has talent that our own lives are a mess. Aren’t you amazed how much ink and air time has been devoted to Rep. Anthony Weiner and to the former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger? A whole city can be burnt to the ground or washed away but more time is spent on the governator and his mistress. This is clearly a case of people trusting too much, think about it.

You have to trust someone to believe that I’m going to send you a picture of my hind parts and it will never leave your possession. Or I will sleep with you even though I know you are married to one of the most powerful women in the USA and you make millions of dollars but I won’t forget to take my birth control pills. How about this, give me all the trinkets and cars and take me on great trips even though you are the head of a mega church and you have a wife at home, I won’t tell.

Uh huh, just let something go wrong and the pictures and babies start to come to the surface. Ladies and gents, if this is what you want to do with your life then remain single, don’t deal with anyone underage and stay away from electronic devices.

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