My columns over the years have generally been written to be thought provoking and others to provoke controversy. Anytime I have a column that was controversial I generally write two parts, one I publish and the other part is held if a response should be forthcoming.
Last week I received a phone call from a person that I just know, and he stated that I had incensed certain people with one of my more recent columns, and they were looking into my background. These same people who were subjects of part one of a controversial column said, “They were checking into my background to teach me a lesson.” My instant response was tell them “to dig two holes, because I am reminded that people who dig holes for other folks run the risk of falling into one themselves.”


I also would like to inform these people that two of my daughters in recent years have held extremely high profile jobs that it was necessary for me to have three FBI background checks.

A local newspaper a few weeks ago carried a story about how Larry Dunn, Bob Cramner and Jim Roddy, all Republicans, were elected. It was erroneous, because it stated they were victorious, because of discourse in the Democratic Party. The truth was that the Black voters who traditionally had been the most loyal and dedicated bloc of voters defected in both elections and cast a substantial number of votes for the Republican candidates and affected the outcome of both elections. It is my conviction that the upcoming Alle­gheny County election for county executive is not over, that thinking may be premature. The Democratic Party must find a way to motivate the Black bloc to come to the polls in the kind of numbers they are capable of. The mood throughout the county in the Black community is not as energized as they once were for a number of reasons and the party needs to be aware of it. It is a must situation that must be addressed in my estimation to enhance the potential of a victory. Those who tell the candidates that everything is good I suggest they look at the voter turnout in the recent elections excluding Obama’s election.

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(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum page.)

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