Lost But Not Forgotten Outreach hosted a fundraiser at the Pittsburgh Athletic Association Club in Oakland, to raise money for their organization, which helps to keep incarcerated individuals from going back to their bad habits through providing various tools and skill sets to achieve success.

“We guide them towards developing goals achievable within our system of law, anticipating obstacles to those goals, and developing strategies to ultimately circumnavigate the obstacles,” said founder,” said Dorothy Stubbs, executive director in a press release.

PROCLAMATION FROM THE MAYOR—Receiving a proclamation from the mayor’s office is Lawrence Stubbs, Evangelist Dorothy Stubbs, and Presenting the Proclamation is Ed Gainey of the Mayor’s office. (Photos by J.L. Martello)

LBNFO meets the needs of individuals and families in Allegheny County caught in the vicious cycle of arrest, incarceration, release and re-arrest. Individuals soon to be, or currently, released and returning to a street near you.

With family ties weakened or broken, released offenders re-enter society not knowing where to turn for the basic necessities, shelter, food and clothing. These petty offenders, not yet guilty of a capital crime, too often return to crime to meet their most basic needs. Once pulled into this cycle, individuals spiral into depression, despair, escalating violence and sometimes suicide. LBNFO steps forward to meet these incarcerated human beings before their release “Back Into Your Community.”

“It (Lost But Not Forgotten fundraiser) will signal to your fellow citizens that you realize it is up to us to protect our communities not by shunning these individuals but by assisting them to learn to make better choices,” Stubbs said.

“We continue our work with inmates and families. We ease their concerns regarding the other’s well being. We provide clothing and household necessities to those caught in the depravation that recidivism creates. The proceeds from this fundraiser will support and expand our weekly visits to inmates in jail, Shuman Juvenile Detention Center and nearby prisons. It will assist us in our informational letter writing campaign, informing inmates of services and programs they can access upon leaving jail. Just a timely snippet of information can direct an individual onto the “road less traveled. ….and that can make all the difference.

“Together we can open the downward cycle of crime and despair in our communities and guide these incarcerated individuals and their families onto a path to a stable, sustainable life.”

The group is appealing to all to join with them in expanding their services. The fundraising event was an effort to give citizens an opportunity to step into a partnership with the group in ending the cycle of crime that has ravaged the Black community.

(For more information, email Evangelist Dorothy Stubbs at evangeliststubbs@gmail.com.)

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