The political sideshows known as Donald Trump and Sarah Palin recently met in one of the busiest spots on the planet—New York’s Time Square—for a little conversation and pizza. No one is really sure what the two discussed…perhaps they marveled at all they have in common.

On the surface, the two couldn’t seem more different. Trump is a business mogul, known for his real estate prowess.


Palin is a small town politician who was thrust into the spotlight when she was picked as Sen. John McCain’s running mate during the 2008 elections. But look closer and you’ll see that the two seemed to be cut from the very same attention seeking cloth.

Palin, who is the middle of her mystery “One Nation” bus tour of America, and the tycoon first met at his upscale home then ventured out for their “Pizza Summit.”

With the media watching, Palin said she and Trump both share a love for America and “a desire to see our economy put back on the right track.”

Their similarities run much deeper. Trump and Palin have both become distractions in the just getting started Presidential race, making outrageous claims and creating political controversies that are forcing their colleagues in the Republican party to keep their distance.

From Palin’s cross-hairs slip up to Trump’s continued challenge of President Obama’s credentials, the two have managed to keep themselves in the news.

Many of their comments have been so outrageous that one can only assume they are making them for the sole purpose of getting attention.

Trump, after all, and his show “The Apprentice” has been a reality star staple for the last several years; Palin is a newbie to the scene but seems to be capitalizing on her 15 minutes with television appearances coming one after the other.

When you have two people who seem so addicted to the media, it’s no surprise that they’ll do anything to keep the cameras focused on them.

Another similarity the two share: confusion around just how serious the two are about politics. Outside of his rabid supporters, very few people seriously thought Trump was going to run for the nation’s highest office in 2012.

Many feel the same about Palin; they don’t know if her tour will end with her tossing her hat in the ring or if she’s setting herself up for her next reality show.

It is ironic that Trump and Palin both claim to love America so much when they, by their actions and words, are guilty of distracting the country from focusing on issues that matter.

Instead of covering Trump’s rants or Palin’s incoherent sound bites, the media should be shedding light on more serious concerns, like education or the economy.

But how can they when you have two of the biggest media hogs feeding you with content day after day?

We can only hope that media fascination with the two will die down soon. Then, we can all begin to talk about things that matter.

(Judge Greg Mathis is vice president of Rainbow PUSH and a national board member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.)

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