:10 OK, for the next to the last time (’cause there will be another brother in jail…I’m just saying) The last problem a Black man has in jail is staying in shape. Plaxico Burress will be ready to play and every NFL Team will take a look at him. Just read the Michael Vick Story!!

:09 A big shout out to Angela Harper a steady Overtime reader and still one of Pittsburgh’s most beautiful and stylish women. Ya’ll remember, Angela used to set the tone and the Pittsburgh Entertainment scene. Keep Going Girl!


:08 Correct me if I’m wrong but is there at least one Black reporter on Fox News? And all the women reporting…not one Black or Hispanic…I’m just asking! Fair and balanced news my xxx !!

:07 Bruins, Canucks… hockey finals. That’s all I got. (Oh shut-up that’s all you got too!)

:06 By the way the WNBA (Women’s Pro Basketball for you not so swift Clairton Grads) has started. YYYEEEAAAHHH !

:05 I thought Barry Bonds was going to jail for 100 years and they were going to charge him for starting the Civil War and helping AI Capone get started in business? I told you it wasn’t going to happen. C’mon man!

:04 Did you know that Dave Winfield not only was drafted by Major League Baseball where he was a Hall of Fame superstar but the NBA and NFL as well. That’s a Bad Man!!!

:03 Next to last call for all boys and girls middle school teams for the new Connie Hawkins Youth Development League. The league starts June 27 (individuals can sign up as well) call Five Starr Corporation at 412-628-4856 ASAP spaces are almost gone.

:02 It’s now on the map. The New First Fridays At The Club Health and Fitness Center in Monroeville. “Over 100”-30 and over party people packed the house and jammed to 2:00 a.m. to the funky music and line dance sounds of D.J. Mean-Gee. Thanks to everyone that got our First gig off the ground. Get ready for the next Par-Tay Friday July 1 same place, same time. Line dance 8-9 p.m.…Par-Tay 9 p.m. until 2 a.m. Thanks to the VIP’s that came out. World champion kick boxer Jacquet Bazemore, Pittsburgh Steelers rookies and the always fabulous “Truly Yours Models” Leslie, Crystal, Sunni and Penny. Love Ya Forever!

:01 OK, Here it is. It’s Dallas Mavs in six…Take it to the bank!!!


:00 Bob the photographer and friends, Alia Carter (your fine self) Renee Giles, “Reba”…and The Diamond Models, and Coach Ace you all made it happen…couldn’t have done it without ya !!!

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