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by Akwasi Evans

(NNPA)—Europeans conquered America in the 18th Century and the English led the way. The colonists then established their “Article of Confederation,” which, among other things, prohibited slaves within the territory. They later improved that form of government when they created the U.S. constitution, which established a central government and allowed human slavery.

Over time the sins of slavery led the nation into a Civil War and the emancipation of the slaves led to a change in the Constitution. In June of 1866, both houses passed the 14th Amendment allegedly abolishing human slavery and indenturing the rest of the nation to servitude to big business.

In an essay entitled, “The Hijacking of the Fourteenth Amendment” attorney Doug Hammerstrom states that of the 150 cases involving the 14th Amendment heard by the Supreme Court, prior to the 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson case, 15 involved Blacks and 135 involved big business. “The scope of the 14th Amendment to secure the political rights of former slaves was so restricted by the Supreme Court that Blacks won only one case,” Hammerstrom asserts. The reality is that corporations used the 14th Amendment and continues to use the amendment as a shield against government regulation.

In one scene in the Academy Award winning movie “The King’s Speech” King George V tells his stuttering son, the Duke of York, that he must learn how to speak to the people over the radio and in public. It was 1934 and war with Germany was imminent. The King tells the Duke that he has an obligation to the family and the monarchy to which the future George VI replies, “We’re not a family, we’re a firm.” The English monarchy has run the British Empire like a business for centuries. A very big business.

America is modeled after the British form of government, although without a monarch. Instead of a king, we have corporate tycoons, who can send their minions out to speak their lies.

America is not a nation. It is a corporation. It is actually a conglomeration of corporations that own and operate a nation. America is a country of the corporation, by the corporation, and for the corporation. America will and does go to war and pollute the planet in the interest of big corporations. America will lie, cheat, and steal for big corporations. America will even kill its own citizens, if it is deemed in corporate interest.

Corporate leaders have only one interest and that is profit. To that interest they hired an actor to be president in 1980 and Ronald Wilson Reagan played the role of the great reformer.

In June of 1987, Reagan went to Berlin and said to Russian President, Michel Gorbachev, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” As America applauded, it overlooked the slight in hand trick taking place back home. Here is what actually happened under Reagan:

•Real GNP growth down 59 percent

•Industrial production down 97 percent

•Housing starts down 27 percent

•Domestic auto sales down 26 percent

•Business failures up 189 percent

•Civilian unemployment up 389 percent

•Real disposable income down 32 percent

•Prime rate up 35 percent

•Federal budget deficit up 215 percent

•Farm income down 326 percent

Reagan’s policies led to the Savings and Loan debacle, which cost taxpayers billions of dollars. He made major cuts in Medicaid, food stamps, aid to families with dependent children, and school lunch programs.

And most importantly, he led the most devastating union busting movement in American history when he fired 13,000 air traffic controllers.

Reagan’s senility was one upped by “The Decider,” George W. Bush. Bush was so much like Reagan that the American people are worse off than any time since the Great Depression.

We are currently experiencing a “Greater Depression” because corporations are dumbing our children down, lowering our wages, taking away our benefits, denying our rights to organize and bargain collectively or pay our ever mounting bills.

These robber barons are robbing us blind and absolving themselves from accountability. They hire lawyers who are almost as greedy as they are and those leaches lobby and “legally” bribe politicians, who have written laws that make their and their bosses actions legal.

Corporations are almost completely unaccountable. If you pay a business late, you are penalized. If they fail to provide you service, there is no compensation and their profit margin strengthens at your expense.

If I had a nickel for every business I can call and immediately talk to a person instead a computer, I might have a dime. If I had a dollar for every time I could walk into a business and quickly talk to someone in management, I wouldn’t have a quarter.

It is amazing how submissive Americans actually are and how resigned they are to their ever declining status.

Sam Smith wrote, “America has been deceived, defrauded and defeated by the worst and the dumbest.” In 2001 Smith spoke at a punk concert and offered about 30 examples of civil liberties that had eroded during the life of anyone 25 or older. He stated that “the earnings of everyone under 25—Black, White, Latino, male, and female—had declined during the past 20 years, about 5 percent for the most part—with the earnings of Black and White males under 25 down 17 to 21 percent.

Folks, America has been raped by big corporations and it’s up to the people not the politicians to return it to its ideal. We cannot continue to ponder to propaganda that promises us prosperity while poisoning us with genetically modified junk.

America is a corporation and very few of us own stock and hardly any of us know anyone who sits on the boards. American corporations have destroyed the ideal and deceived people facing foreclosure into believing they live in “the greatest country in the world.” America is the greatest country in the world, but not for the benefit of the majority of the American people. America has been made great in the interest of an invisible monarchy. Americans are not subjects of the queen; they are subjects of the corporation elite.

(Akwasi Evans is the publisher of NOKOA The Observer Newspaper in Austin, Texas. His website is nokoanewspaper.com.)

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