Have we as a Black people succumbed to being enslaved with nonprofit money described as Faith Based Initiative or 501-C3? Have the metal chains that once shackled our bodies been replaced with a scared mindset that if we oppose those who seek to remain as oppressors they will cut off the dollars?


Some of you who are reading this column will have read or remember when Black people from coast to coast owned their own businesses, and Black churches were self-sufficient. What has happened to us? When will we truly recognize that we have the capability to turn our situations around?

I have heard these people whom we go to with our hands outstretched and palms facing upward refer to us as educated professional beggars, hustlers and worse. The real tragedy is that these people are not concerned about how they are perceived because they call it getting over, they still drive nice cars, live in nice houses and from time to time keep getting the cash. These people who have convinced some organizations that they have solutions to our problems are more detrimental to the Black communities than the dope man and we know who they are.

These con men, snake charmers, flat foot hustlers, and just out and out liars must be exposed and replaced. How?

A number of years ago 35 churches—28 Black and seven White—met several times to formulate a program where they would all bank at the same institution, thereby increasing their potential borrowing power, the idea should be revisited and the number of churches increased. There are 42 Black churches on the Hill and over 300 throughout Allegheny County, need I say more?

This is just one of the methods that can be used to help ourselves, but there are numerous other methods that can be used, but nothing will ever change until we get sick and tired of blaming everybody else.

Those organizations that constantly brag about what they did in years gone by, but are not doing anything now must understand you can’t live off history.

Please let’s help Kingsley Association.

(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum Page.)

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