Over the years there have been a vast number of incidents that have occurred between the Black communities and the police, incidents that too frequently have resulted in death. These incidents were inclusive of police at every level, local, state and federal.


There are three high profile cases in recent history that stand out—two resulted in death and the third against a young Black man, which may cause permanent physiological damage. Jonnie Gammage, a Black man in Brentwood driving a Jaguar was killed. Jerry Jackson a Black man charged with the impossible turning a car around in the Armstrong Tunnel was killed, and most recent, a young honor student, Jordan Miles was beaten, walking while Black.

The police overwhelmingly White and Black support the criminal actions of other police; they remain BLUE to the end. White talk show hosts—99 percent of them—champion the police actions right or wrong. Their actions encourage the wrath of their White conservative listeners and it raises their ratings. They frequently brag about how well they know the police, but they are married for the second or third time so it’s evident they didn’t know their former wives and often their children. They fail to remember that the police force is a makeup of society, women beaters, addicts, arsonists, alcoholics, racists, child molesters, and those who fail to pay child support.

It is clearly understood that there are good police officers and our communities definitely need police, but the bad ones must be weeded out.

I wrote a year ago that the Allegheny County District Attorney would not file any charges and that we needed a special prosecutor. The police are an extension of the DA’s Office and it is like asking Jesse James to prosecute his brother, Frank James.

I expect Black police officers to remain professional officers, but can’t support wrong so that their White counter parts can count on them being blue no matter what a police officer does.

All citizens should be ashamed of the facade, called Office of Municipal Investigations, which masquerades as an independent body; it is an extension of the Pittsburgh Police Department, a puppet organization.

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(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum Page.)

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