:10 If you missed Charlie Wilson at the Monroeville Convention Center Sunday night you missed the “‘Par-tay,’ of the year… cause ‘ain’t no party like an old school party cause an old school party don’t stop!” Chuck Sanders and the Savoy Restaurant blew it up again.

:09 About the Concert:


1. Fellas, sunglasses indoors? Lame, played out, and just stupid!

2. Ladies, one size does not fit all!!

3. For those who didn’t dress up, please do so the next time, show some pride, shorts and flip-flops… c’mon man!

4. You do not get extra points because you wear twenty different colors together.

5. Lastly… Because somebody made it, don’t mean you have to wear it!

:08 Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the moms. “Without you, there’s no tomorrow.”

:07 Kevin Durant, you are the best scorer in the NBA, but please stop with the backpacks. You’re a grown-ass- man!!

:06 To all the dictators left in the world. Just take a minute and read the stats. “Brutus,” “Hitler,” “Stalin,” “Mussolini,” “Baby Doc,” “Idi Amin,” “Saddam,” “bin Ladin,” all dead in a nasty, ugly, painful way. Change your game man… Dictators=O / Free world = 20

:05 Pittsburgh, welcome home the former heavy weight world kickboxing Champion Jacquet Bazemore… Bazemore… Bazemore. “The greatest of all time.”

:04 There’s no sugar left in Sugar Shane Mosley’s tank. The Pac-man wins easily.

:03 Some of you young folks have forgotten already. But let me remind you. M.J., Jordan, Michael Jordan, “Your Airness,” would not allow his team to go out like Kobe did. That’s the main difference between them. Jordan’s will to win.

:02 Big shout-out to the Fabulous Diamond Models. They sold out their first show of the year, 100 plus and they were fabulous!! Bella Lisa, Reba, Noel, Drea, Alia, Krissey, Ashley and Jenea, who just won the swimsuit cover for the May issue of Image magazine. You Go Girl!

:01 Oh yeah, the Lakers lost, just like I said they would. Oh shut up, like you had Dallas “sweepin’” the Lakers in four.

“Game Over”

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