:10 Hello… Hello…Wait hold on a minute. Phone call for “Laden”, phone call for “bin Laden”, phone call for bin Laden… “Bin” you here… Hey “Laden” you wanted on the phone man!! Hello, he ain’t here, who? Ok I’ll tell him. Hey Bobby, tell bin Laden some dude named “Barack” called!

:09 If you had Memphis and the “Zack-Man” and the Atlanta Hawks still standing at this point of the NBA Finals…you-are-Lie-ing… and you know it. Shut up man!


:08 I am stealing a page from Brotha Ash here but I was hanging out with future Judge Leah Williams Duncan and her fabulous family “Ma Williams”, Magic Mike, and the crew. over at Young Bros. on North Side. Great time and really great chicken. Good luck Leah!

:07 Had a chance to see some of the old ballers at the get-together. “Magic Mike” Williams, “Dr. J. Ely”,Gil Cummings and all the brothers that came off the bench for “Bump Yes” back in the day… Oh shut-up it ain’t my fault you had to come off the bench!!!

:06 By now you know there’s nothing wrong with Kobe’s ankle. They may sweep the Mavs but I guess “Dirk” will get them at least one win. (By the way, hey Leah we can get you on the Lakers bus! C’mon girl.)

:05 This one is an easy fix up. So here goes. “Dr. J. Ely” one of the best small forwards to ever play around here by way of Virginia and Point Park College. He would dunk on ya! Why do you think they called him Dr. J.

:04 Speaking of fix ups, this one is overdue and on point. Four of the best to ever, ever, ever play. Kevin “Murph” Murphy out of McKeesport and the late great Warnie Macklin. 5th Avenue’s finest. The man who led the nation’s #1 high school team and helped make Sam Clancy and Bill Clark the legends they became. Both could do it all, shoot, handle, pass, “D”-up and had huge hearts. And by the way of New York, the great George Allen who starred at Pitt and single handedly destroyed Georgetown and the Great Pat Ewing… not once but twice. Last but not least the late, great, great Larry “Byrd” Richardson. “Byrd” because he could fly on the court. I could write another ten pages and still not be able to tell how great he was. But I’ll tell ya this, he was “Magic Johnson” long before there ever was a

Magic Johnson, only difference, he was only 5’9…. But he played like 6’9.

:03 Boston still wins the East, take it to the bank.

:02 Don’t forget if you’re looking for the perfect place to take your mom. Join Champion Enterprises at the 36th Annual Mother’s Day Luncheon and Fashion Show/ Celebrating Women Awards. Honoring twelve of Pittsburgh’s outstanding women. Saturday May 7, at Sabi Restaurant in the Club Health and Fitness Center in Monroeville.

The program will feature a show by The Fabulous Diamond Models. Tickets for the event are only $20. For information, call the Champions at 412-628-4856. Proceeds will benefit Champions Safe Summer Programs.

:01 By now you know the Connie Hawkins Summer League ended its 35-year run for adults. Beginning this year, we will go “back to the future” where we started 35 years ago. We will now operate the Connie Hawkins Youth Developement Summer Basketball League for Middle School Boys and Girls only. To enter your team or individuals call the Champions right away. Slots are filling up fast (412-628-4856).

Double Overtime

:00 If you still think President Obama is soft… Just keep doing what you’re doing and see what happens to you! (The Pres will go all Don Corleone on your butt. That’s the mafia for you Mon Valley slow thinkers.)

Ain’t that right bin Laden?

(Aw shut-up I. am from Donora).

Now Game Over•…

Ain’t that right, bin Laden?

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