I was somewhat insulted that “our” royal couple, the leader of the free world, was not invited to the royal wedding, aren’t they dignitaries? Elton John and his wife/husband were there. I know Elton had a relationship with Princess Diana and he is British. But come to think of it, President Obama and the first lady probably would have been a distraction. I was just reading a Facebook message from a friend, it stated that England was united for a wedding and the USA was divided over a birth certificate.

I can hear the “birthers” now, “What can we do to cause trouble?” First of all they can’t believe he was actually elected and on top of that he looks too good, he is too cool and too smart, his wife looks too good, his children are smart and they look too good as well. What can we do to cause a distraction? What can we dig up on President Barack Hussein Obama to divert attention from the real issues? Forget the fact that we are at war in countries we have no business being in, and that we need to bring home the troops and the jobs. Let’s solicit “the Donald (Donald Trump)” to create a distraction. We can pretend Trump is going to run for president and we’ll have him ask for the birth certificate once again.

I’m so sick of this mess I could spit. It is like they are taking him to the wood shed, he can’t possibly be a citizen of the United States of America. How did he get into office? There must have been something we missed. People say this isn’t about race. Now you want to look at his educational records. Yes, the man who graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University, the first Black president of the Harvard Law Review.

Are you out of your mind Donald Trump? In the words of Judge Karen, “Stay in your lane, Donald Trump.” Do what you do, run your properties and your television shows. If you want to be president talk about what you can do to fix the country, being president isn’t as easy as it looks. It is not like being on “The Apprentice,” where you can just fire someone if they don’t do what you like.

Maybe Trump did the country a favor, now that the birth certificate mess is out of the way we can move on with the 2012 campaign without the birth certificate as a distraction, let’s get on with some real issues. I, too, want job creation, world peace and lower gasoline prices just like everyone else. If President Obama has to pull out his transcripts I’m going to scream. This is the president of the United States of America; give him the respect he deserves.

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