:10 This is an easy call. The punks that kicked 42 year old Dodger fan Brian Stowe into a coma should be taken to the same spot in the parking lot and let the family stomp them into a coma. :09 Look for Pitt wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin to go high and early in the upcoming NFL draft. 220,4.4 forty, and can catch.

:08 Derrick Rose is your NBA…MVP. Take it to the bank!

:07 NBA Update:


•Lakers down one to the Hornets. Lakers still win in six.

•Boston up one on your Knicks. Boston wins because I told ya so.

•Memphis up one on the Spurs. It’s going to be close but the Spurs win it.

•Chicago woke up and beat the Pacers as they should have and will continue to do so.

•Heat…76ers. Oh shut up, you know!!!

•Atlanta up one on Orlando and Howard scored 45. This could be interesting. But Orlando should pull it out.

•Thunder will continue the run on the Nuggets.

•As of this writing I can’t remember who Dallas is playing but whoever it is, Dallas will win…Huh!

:06 NBA…on the side

•Who dresses Kobe? C’mon man you make good money, pay a stylist.

•Hold up Carmelo, don’t laugh. You’re on the list too.

•Phil Jackson, I love Fisher too, but put Shannon Brown on Chris Paul.

•We should let “Big John” Marshall take Bynum behind the Homewood Y and work his soft butt one on one. I bet he would get tough then… or get knocked out!!!

:05 The Pirates almost had me, they all most had me. Nothin’ new at PNC Park.

:04 I hope the Pens win. That’s all can say, that’s all I know. Shut up, it’s all you know too!

:03 Now that they proved that Bonds didn’t shoot Lincoln and Kennedy or start the Vietnam War, I guess the world can get back to normal. They started with 22 counts, now down to one. A hung jury. A billion dollars wasted, and a host of sell-outs and got nothin’. Nuff said.

:02 Speaking of the Pens, correct me if I am wrong but the last time I checked their colors are black and gold like every other pro team in town. So why is the rally call for fan support a white out? Why not a black out where everyone wears a black shirt… I am just askin’???

:01 Congratulations to Dr. Howard Slaughter the most recent inductee to the Penn Hills High School Hall of Fame. One of our school’s all-time great football players. Welcome to the club my brother. Hey City league…Penn Hills Indians…that’s how we roll!!

“Game Over”

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