Dear Editor:

After reading the article dated April 6, 2011 “17 of 20 homicides Black lives…We need to take back our streets,” by writer Ashley N. Johnson, I was compelled to respond to her poignant message. Ms. Johnson is absolutely correct, and right on point. I agree, and it is sad that we as a people are killing each other and destroying lives. I am a poet and aspiring writer and have written one of my poems in hopes that I too, can help stop these senseless crimes.

Exchange peace, not bullets
Lay down your guns, open your eyes, see what there is to see
you’re taking a life, no conscience at all, leaving much misery
At times we get angry and mad as hell, but two wrongs don’t make it right,
it’s sad to think what a bullet can do, what happened to talking it out?
Wake up my people, and realize before you aim your guns,
think of the family you will destroy, then ask yourself
“What have I won?”
Your life is virtually over, your dreams are just a dream
all because you reacted, from a mental state of mean
so BEFORE you load your glocks and pistols, with intent to kill…
Step back, go home, kneel and pray, let GOD be your PEACE, and chill!!

Barbara Tyler
Turtle Creek, Pa.

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