Finally a reality show on extreme couponers. I don’t think couponers is a word but there is going be a show on people who clip coupons. Like many documentary-style reality shows, this one has chosen to document people who go above and beyond what many would consider “normal.” Not only does the title indicate this (the word “extreme” is your tip-off here), but let’s face it, we’d get bored pretty quickly watching your average, everyday coupon clipper save a few bucks at the grocery store.


The show debuted April 6 and comes on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on TLC.

For example, some of these folks are able to collect thousands of newspaper inserts that contain coupons. Combining those with store sales, they can actually make money while shopping. One woman bought 1,000 boxes of noodles and made a profit of $100 in doing so. Yes, you read that correctly.


Others are a little more practical, like the woman who took her $250 grocery bill down to under $7 with the help of coupons and a store rewards card.

Who knew there would be a show about people, mostly women, who are the ultimate coupon clippers? Do you really think you would have time to clip this many coupons? I cut them out and then forget I have them.

I’m liking the Groupon and the half off coupons that I found in that other newspaper. I recently found one for Damon’s, I bought one coupon for $20 and it allowed me $40 in food. Now that is my type of coupon.

I can’t believe some of these reality shows that are on and I’m really watching them. Watching crazy men going through a storage locker is the ultimate crazy, now I can sit down and watch other people clip coupons and save money. I’ll bet some of these people are borderline hoarders, what are they going to do with all this stuff once they get it home? It sounds like that will be the fun part of the show. When they bring all that stuff home where will they put it? I know, a storage locker. I can see that episode of “Storage Locker Wars” now, a locker full of detergent and canned goods.

I wonder if the coupon clippers will get paid in coupons?

You know there is a lot of money to be made on reality shows. Rumor has it that some members of the housewives franchise are trying to negotiate six figure salaries. I say anyone who has to give up their day job, have cameras in every room of their house and gives up their real life deserves to be paid. When the Osbournes did their show, the first season they were paid $5K an episode. Reportedly their salaries escalated to $5 million an episode and then they all started to become individual stars. I guess for a reality star the sky is the limit, just look at Nene Leakes.


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