Recently Nation of Islam leader Min. Louis Farrakhan spoke at a Town Hall meeting in Pittsburgh, which was opposed by a Jewish group. So we asked Pittsburghers their reactions and this is what you said:

Andrew Johnson, Quicei Smith and Alante Everette

“I am glad he took the chance and the time to speak out to the people. He is a very powerful icon and I think people should really pay attention and listen to what he actually has to say ‘cause it is actually true and what’s really going on. We are blinded by so many things and he is trying to pull the shades up to help us see better.”
Andrew Johnson
Health Trainer

“I don’t think he should speak here ‘cause of his influences. I don’t feel any of his influences are good with the Islam religion and his devil worshipping influences. I don’t think that is something Pittsburgh people need to be influenced into at all.”
Quicei Smith

“When he says something he says something thought provoking and makes me think a lot in a positive manner as a Black man about the Black community and Black issues.”
Alante Everette
Temp Labor

“If he is here to get Muslim support he can go to hell and he can kiss my butt and anyone supporting Muslims. If the world would rid us of all Muslims I would be okay with that because they are not getting us anywhere good. They never have and they never will.”
Keia Thompson
Hill District

“That was fine. I didn’t hear him but I do believe he should have came and I am glad Bev Smith invited him to speak because he speaks well. I don’t believe he is a racist, even though I haven’t heard all his speeches as far as him saying something about the Jews or anything like that; but I think he says a good speech.”
Debbie De Vaughn
Security Guard

“I don’t care that he spoke in Pittsburgh. I (saw) him 25 years ago when he was here before and I haven’t heard from him in so long. What does he have to say that is different now? We know what’s going on, unless he’s going to do something about the labor movement or the economy. I can’t see him saying anything about that since he had contracts with the government anyway.”
Robert Hill

(Compiled by J.L. Martello. Photos by J.L. Martello.)

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