:10 For those who know and for the few that don’t, here’s a standing ovation from now on for one of the greatest leaders and humanitarians Pittsburgh…or the world for that matter… has ever known. God “Will” bless you, Mr. Nate Smith, thank you for all you’ve done to make the world a better, safer and more fair place.

:09 Allow me to clean something up. I had the pleasure of speaking to some of Pittsburgh’s finest at yet another one of Luther Sewell’s outstanding events, the African American Political Convention. In doing so, I took the liberty of identifying several in attendance and neglected to acknowledge County Councilman William “Bill” Robinson. Here’s all you need to know about one of our area’s all time great representatives…Without Bill, there may not have been a Champions Association. Period, end of story!! And while I am covering my butt, be reminded that without Elder Statesman Joe Preston, we might still be trying to find a way to survive. Thanks gentlemen for all you do!!


:08 Top 10 lists are coming in from those of you who think you have a better greatest all time area hoopers list. Some are good, several are worthy of conversation, but most of them…not even close. Don’t send in a list with all your cousins. C’mon man!

:07 The best entry so far is from good brother D.B. Bush, who by his own admission is on a “brief vacation.” (Yo man you know you’re large when the fella’s are reading your article while on “vacation.”) Here’s his line-up. Not the winning list yet, but I thought you might want to see it. Besides, he can’t get the Pittsburgh Power tickets anyway…he’s on vacation mmmaaannn!!!

1. Tony Horne 2. Montell Brundrige 3. Darrell “Rocky’ White 4. Kevin Young 5. Deondre “Bookie” Smith 6. Kenny Reynolds 7. Marvin Bailey 8. Steve Snider 9. Albert Williams 10. Black Marr. Honorable mentions: Boo Ford, Derek Suber, Jack Higgins, Andre Kane, “Killer” Kane, Bill Billingsly, Ramar Thett, Eddie Benton, Shawn “Magic” Ellis, Ty Beck and Damon Wade.

Now if you have a problem with this list, take it up with Drekie Bush, AKA D.J. from the Hill…Oh my bad, you can’t…he’s on vacation! (Hang in there D.J., thanks for the support, and keep reading…as if you got something better to do…c’mon man just kidding.)

:06 By the time you read this, UConn has beaten Butler for the National Championship. And for you Woodland Hills escape artists…I mean graduates…that’s not Butler up the road, this Butler is in Indianapolis??? Duh!

:05 I am not going to beat this horse to death, but I will continue to ride it. The only way the Lakers lose is if they beat themselves. And now that Andrew Bynum has woken up, they’re unbeatable.

:04 The Pirates started the season… YEA!!! (you know what, my bad. They are 3 and 1).

:03 Rumor has it that “Tiger” is dating 2 models, 4 playmates, all the Victoria Secret underwear babes, 3 Laker Girls, Hilary Clinton and the ex-hooker from around the way…That said, he will win the Masters next week. Take it to the bank!

:02 Mark your calendar for April 21. Our own world light heavyweight champion Rayco “War” Sanders will host a book signing at Morgan’s Restaurant, 204 Rodi Road in the Penn Hills Shopping Center (412-241-1730). Don’t act like I didn’t tell you he wrote a book ‘cause I told you if you didn’t read it, he would knock you out! For real, the book is legit and very well received. The book/photo op/ autograph signing will run from 4 until 10 p.m. and will feature the Diamond models as guest bartenders, cash bar and cash menu, so come straight from work and get your eat and drink on. Proceeds will benefit Rayco “War” Promotions Charities and Champions “Safe Summer” programs. (Yes, Chuck Sanders, there will be models) and bring some money everybody!

:01 Here’s your last notice for the 36th Annual Kenny Durrett Memorial High School All-Star Basketball Classic showcasing the best boys and girls high school players in western Pennsylvania, April 9, at Gateway High School-Monroeville. The classic is Sponsored by Chuck Sanders Charities, Spitzer Auto, State Farm, Savoy Restaurant, the New Pittsburgh Courier and Penn Ave McDonalds.

“K.D.”… The Legend Continues

The Game is Never Over

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