:10 Yes America, the shout-out was for Tracy “J” not for Tracy “T”…That being Tracy Jennings, the No. 1 Connie Hawkins league Fan of all time. And yes…Those jeans sitting in the front caused many a missed shot (sometimes you just have to blame the editor).

:09 While you’re watching the NCAA tournament, don’t forget the greatest shot ever heard around the world came from your own 5th Avenue legend, Dwight “The Ice Man” Clay. His shot with actually 58 seconds left on the clock not at the buzzer as people think, ended UCLA’s 88 game win streak and college basketball dominance.


:08 Speaking of shout-outs, a big one to one of Pittsburgh’s true community icons…“Batman” aka “Bat,” owner and operator of Bat’s Barber Shop on Penn Ave. in the heart of East Liberty. He’s stood the test of time, put up with my boy Terry and his misguided loyalty for the Knicks and played some pretty good basketball back in the day up at Schenley High School on Sunday mornings…Oh yeah, back-in-the-day!! We all miss it.

:07 If you had Pitt losing to Butler, if you had Louisville and Duke out early, if you had UConn going to the Final Four, if you had VCU still standing this late, and if you had Ohio State and Kansas going home early…You—are—a—liar!!! Shut-up! You’re lying and you know it… Please! Ya don’t even know what VCU stands for!?!?

:06 Speaking of Butler. It’s a little bit easier to take Pitt losing to them now, huh?

:05 Ok, ok, the calls keep coming in for the ones missed on the all-time basketball list (Just wait until football season). Tell you what we’ll do. You think you got a better “Top 10” list of the area’s greatest of all time? Then send it to me. Mail me your “Top 10” greatest City League basketball players of all time and I’ll put your list and your name in the paper if it’s the best one I get. And I’ll send you two free tickets to a Pittsburgh Power football game. Now put your pen where your mouth is, and it’s okay for you Peabody grads (Mike Goosby) if you can’t spell all the names. I’ll make it look pretty for ya. Mail your list to: Champions Enterprises 416, Springdale Dr., Suite 33, Pgh., PA 15235.

:04 Here are the names of some of the area’s great, great players that somehow didn’t make some of the past lists. Go figure! Gene Turner, Darrell Gissendanner, Cory Gadson, Clev Edwards, Stu Lyons, Joe Stallworth, Rob Dixon, Gene Harrell, Mike Wilson, Frank Foster, Ron Hightower, Ronnie MeGrae, Rob Moore, Darrell Porter, Shane Bibbons, Alex Johnson, Jeff Baldwin, Larry Anderson, Billy Searles, Gary Carter, Jeff Burton, Joe Barlow, Kenny Walls, Thomas “June Bug” Howard, Kevin Price Jr., Mel Keys, Malik Hightower, Rick Gannon, Stan Mahan and Jimmy Nichols…and that’s just to name a few. Now you can better appreciate my basketball knowledge and superior genius as I give you those “Top 10” lists. C’mon man…this ain’t easy!!!

:03 “The List”…continued…If you’ve been following along you now have your point guards, 2 guards and small forwards. Here’s the power forwards lists, the Big Boys with multiple skills but for real for real the showstoppers!! 1. Sam “Bam” Clancy 2. “Big John” Marshall 3. Benji Pryor 4. Mel Bennett 5. Mark Hassell 6. Darrin “Big Dex” Poindexter 7. Kevin Walls 8. Lenny Pruitt 9. Craig Posser 10. Bill Herndon.

:02 Hey, here’s a special 2-for-l for ya!

1. Vote for Hines Ward on “Dancing with the Stars.” Yeah, I know you don’t watch it…sure you don’t. Just do it!

2. Don’t like Miami Heat, just don’t, don’t really know why, just don’t!!! (c’mon Celtics, get this done…then “It’s Laker time.”)

:01 The Kenny Durrett Memorial High School All-Star Classic…It’s time…It’s here…It’s showtime for our high school seniors. Come see the future stars!!!


:00 Virginia Commonwealth University…Duh!!

Game Over

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