I had some hope for Chris Brown until last week when I saw him on “Good Morning America.” Reportedly Brown had agreed to talk about the beat down that occurred two years ago with then girlfriend Rihanna.


However, when Robin Roberts began to ask questions, the newly blond, full sleeve tattooed Brown only wanted to talk about the new album F.A.M.E (forgiving all my enemies). He performed a song from the album and went back stage and went off, throwing things around and putting a chair through an outside window.

The studios of GMA are in the middle of New York City, there are people outside and below that window, innocent people could have been hurt. In an effort to justify his actions, Brown began to tweet about Charlie Sheen and the public’s tolerance for Sheen.

MTV cancelled Brown’s appearance but a calmed down Brown showed up on BET’s “106 and Park.” His publicist must have told him to cover the blond hair and put on a pair of school boy glasses to give a different persona. He also added a jacket to cover the tats. He apologized for the backstage outburst at GMA and blamed Robin Roberts for inciting the backstage outburst. He claims she asked questions that he did not approve. He went on to say he felt exploited and he is about making positive music. He was so angry that when he went backstage he had to let off some steam.

Man, are you crazy? This reminds me of the interview with Kanye West on the Today show when they talked about him bogarding the win of the young country star, Taylor Swift at the VMA Awards. Don’t these recording artists know that when you come on a show all the dirt will be dug up and displayed, so you better be prepared?

What is wrong with this young man? How do you think you can go around acting like this? Beating up women, throwing chairs through windows, this is not cool.

When I first saw Chris Brown in the feel good movie “This Christmas,” I was impressed. I bought the soundtrack just because of him. He seemed clean and wholesome and he could dance. I love a man that can dance. Years later he began to act out. It seems like he needs some anger management. What is making him so angry or is this just a publicity stunt? It makes you wonder.

I took a look at a few Brown websites and he is blowing up. On one website he has more than 9 million “likes,” the “tweets” are very positive and everyone is praising F.A.M.E. GMA has invited him to come back. Who didn’t know that? I’m sure their ratings are going through the roof and I believe this is why the album is selling so well. Brown fans want to hear what this man is really about. I looked at a clip from one of his videos and if I had young girls this is not the music that I would want for them.

Note to Brown “you want fame, fame costs and this is where you start paying.” Time to pay up Brown and get your act together, if you act different people will act differently towards you.

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