:10 Speaking of Pennley Park…AKA Champions Park…If you go down there right now you will still see the hoop “shake-in” from when “Big Dex,” Darin Poindexter, of “The Rankin Gangsters,” received the inbound pass from the great Hosea Champagne, turned and in spectacular elevation hook-dunked the ball on the legend of the lethal jump shots, Larry Harris. He of “The Dons”…Man, you should have been there. Oh you say you were there?

:09 “Big Dex” goes right into the top ten dunkers list and I don’t care who you take out. Now run and tell that!!! (And may the dunk gods forgive me for leaving him off the list. What the hell was I thinking?)


:08 Pitt’s out but you’re not surprised. I mean I wanted and hoped for the best, even the Final Four. But we’re not surprised. Don’t blame Brown for missing the second foul shot, don’t blame Robinson for the foul and don’t blame the ref for calling the foul. And please stop trying to blame Jamie Dixon…The man’s coaching stats are through the roof. The blame is not in what Pitt has. The blame is for what Pitt doesn’t have. We must, I am sorry…They must go get a killer…Somebody that can’t be stopped that will not be denied. A Brandon Knight, a Kemba Walker, a Nolan Smith or a Tyree Irving. To do unto others what “D” Wade did to us a few years ago.

:07 Hey thanks for all the love on my column last week. I really appreciate it. And I am glad Coach Webb got all you city kids to sit down in the library so he could read the stories to you. C’mon man. I am just jakin’!

:06 Here we go…Here’s the Top 10 list you’ve been waiting for. The forwards, the small forwards, those who can do it all. Shoot, dribble, pass, “D-up” the two guards, and the strong forwards if they have to, can dunk, block shots, and every now then run the break.

1. The Late Great Kenny Durrett, 2. Simmie Hill, 3. Billy Knight, 4. Billy Varner and S. Clarence “Hop” Hopson, 6. Chaz McCrommon, 7. Larry Anderson (UNLV), 8. Eric “Big E” Carter, 9. Eric “Cruster” Jefferson and 10. Larry “Juice” Walker

:05 Hear this, and hear this loud and clear. Darrin “Skywalker” Walls is the best and smoothest guard we’ve ever had! Now you redo the list and figure it out. I already messed it up!

:04 Here’s a shout-out to Rick Coakley, one of the area’s best all-time players and best all time great guys.

:03 Question??? Why can’t the City League Championships be played at the spacious and air conditioned Palumbo Center instead of the hot and cramped Peabody High School? I am just askin’.

:02 Barry Bonds… you’re up! Let’s get ready to rrruuummmbbbilleeel

:01 The 36th Annual Kenny Durrett Memorial High School All-Star Basketball Classic Saturday, April 9, 10 a.m.-8p.m., Gateway H.S., Monroeville. PA

Be There

“Game Over”

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