Why did I buy that? How many times have you purchased something and said those words, especially if the purchase was from one of those late night television ads.


There are a few things I have purchased that I am so happy with. Have you been thinking about a steamy electric mop? I can hear people from the old school now. Girl what are you doing mixing water and electricity? Trust me it works just fine. I had an older friend who unplugged my electric punch fountain because she thought we would get shocked. I digress.

You know a lot of the items that you see on TV are actually available in the stores. You don’t have to send away for them and pay additional shipping. If you don’t like it, just take it back to the store. I bought my steam mop at a local store and had to return the first one because a part was missing. I’m sure glad I didn’t have to mail it back.

My next favorite thing that I saw on TV and purchased is the “Quick Chopper.” I bought it years ago and let it sit on a shelf in the basement until I was fixing dinner for a large group of people. I needed to chop celery and onions fast and there was no time for tears. I grabbed the chopper still in the original box with the “as seen on TV” label and was able to chop my vegetables in record time. This chopper really works.

Now that I think about it, I think I bought it at a home show and I watched a man demonstrate it. I took it home and put it on the shelf. It is cheaply constructed but it does work well. I pulled it off the shelf recently when I was making the kicking cabbage soup in the book “The Four Day Diet” by Dr. Ian Smith. I had no idea cabbage could taste so good. If you buy the book please try this recipe. I’ve made it twice and it is wonderful.

The next recipe from the book I’m going to make is chicken with black eye peas and greens. Yes I’m trying to change my eating habits. I’ve cut back on portions, fat and sugar and I’ve lost 4 pounds. So it is working.

My most recent “as seen on TV” purchase was the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer. I’ve always liked Jack LaLanne, he was so fit in his little jumpsuit. I used to watch him on our black and white TV. You know the exercises that he did still work. There is nothing like the tried and true jumping jack. He passed recently, he was 90 years old.

This juicer is great. I never knew fresh juice could taste so good. I’ve made juice with apples, pears, spinach and kale. The juice is green but it is so flavorful. Have you watched Dr. Oz talk about the green juice? Well this is it. You have to try it.

Here is a tip if want to try some of the things seen on TV check out eBay. You may be able to find the item for a fraction of the price, the less you pay for the item the more you will like it.

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