What’s in your purse?


Not long ago I had to have physical therapy on my shoulder. I think it was due to the weight of my purse and the bags I was taking to work each day. On any given day I would pack up books, magazines, newspapers, a lunch and sometimes a laptop and sling it over one shoulder.

So what’s in your purse? What’s in your wallet?

I’ve seen men with wallets so fat that they need a purse or some type of messenger bag. Hey guys do you know if you sit on a wad that fat it can cause you back problems? Take some of that stuff out.

Recently I dumped the entire contents of my purse out on the floor to see what I was lugging around. There were enough ink pens for a second grade class, two checkbooks, a wallet full of change, three pairs of glasses, my GPS, an apple and an orange. I guess I could have made a fruit salad.

I have a habit of putting my receipts in my purse and there were receipts from 3 months ago buried in the bottom.  I cleaned that Louie out and now it is much lighter.

Ladies and gentlemen stop carrying around junk you don’t need, especially credit cards and blank checks. If your purse or wallet is lost or stolen you will surely regret carrying around a bunch of unnecessary junk.

There is no way I need to have 3 debit cards in my wallet and several credit cards. If you are going to use them, use it and then take it out and put it away.

Please don’t carry around your social security card or PIN (personal identity number) numbers. As far as PIN numbers select something that is super easy for you to remember but not easily evident to someone else. Please do not select 1234 or your address or birthdate.

Recently my debit card was compromised. See, I was really going somewhere with this story. I didn’t realize it until I tried to make a small purchase and was denied. Talk about embarrassing to be denied for a $3 purchase.

Lucky for me I was in the grocery store that also has a branch of my bank. I popped over to the teller and found out that my card had been part of a compromise at a merchant or an ATM. My card had been closed and a new one was overnighted.

A compromise can mean hackers, the possibility of a device called a skimmer on the front of an ATM or maybe a skimmer was discovered at a business that I had paid a visit to recently.

Fortunately in my other world (day job) I work with debit card fraud.  Funny, I never thought I would be a victim. Because I know the threat of cyber thieves I check my account a minimum of twice a day to see if there are unauthorized transactions.

I was only inconvenienced for a short period of time and thanks to FEDEX and my GPS and a lead foot I was able to pick up my new card that night and was back in the spending business before the night was over.

Be careful what you carry around with you and keep a close eye on your accounts.

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