:10 First of all “Slade” take that bass out of your voice when you call me. I am a grown bleep man now…I ain’t scared of you no more…I been lifting weights! Secondly, call a brother back!

:9 Vince Neal and Tracy “J” ok, I got the message. I was wrong about “Puffy” being a “Spartan”…He was an “Archer.” My first mistake of the year. Point being, he was one of the best!

:8 Tracy “T” What’s up girl, where you been? Here’s to the No. 1 all time Connie Hawkins League fan from back in the day at Pennley Park…AKA Champions Park. You wanna know her impact on the game? Check and see how many foul shots were missed when she was in the front row with “them jeans” on. (There’s your shout-out baby!!)


:7 Tell me you don’t miss back in the day Connie Hawk up at East Hills, 1,000 people a night…Down at Pennley with John Kinsel cookin’ the Hot Dogs & wings and oh yeah…the ladies! I know, I know!

:6 Crying…There’s no crying in basketball Miami.

:5 You all should be ashamed allowing me to leave Dougie Johnson off of the Slam Dunk list. Maybe 6’1 or 6’2, maybe, he would dunk on you hard and fast! Said Hard and Fast Man!!

:4 So you all want to call me on a mistake but I bet “you all” didn’t congratulate Dejuan Blair and D.J. Kennedy like I asked you to do. Now do it! Call, write, fax, e-mail, tweet, Facebook just send them some love. And do it for all our young stars that make it. Nuff said.

:3 Going back on the list. The Darrell “DAP” Porter all time point guard list…and everybody reading this knows that “Black-Mar” might be the best 2-guard we’ve ever seen around here. C’mon man!!!

:2 I am a “Kobe” man, you know that. But “Jordan” doesn’t turn the ball over like he did at the end of the Laker-Heat game. I am sorry he just doesn’t.

:1 The Kenny Durrett Memorial High School All-Star Classic is coming at ya. Saturday April 9 at Gateway High School-$10 Adults, $5 Youth 12 and under—Ticket good all day

Check this out:

•10 a.m.—Middle School Girls Game/City vs. WPIAL

•11 a.m.—Middle School Boys, Game/City vs. WPIAL

•1 p.m.—Community Game/Big Surprise Coming!

•2 p.m.—Boys—Game One/City vs. WPIAL

•4 p.m.—Boys—Game Two/City vs. A.K. Valley

•6 p.m.—Girls—Showcase Game/City vs. WPIAL

•8 p.m.—Boys—Showcase Game/Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia

Be there…Game Over!!!

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