There are those who, for whatever reason, do not recognize Minister Louis Farrakhan as a genuine Black leader, and it’s their right.


However, in my personal opinion, Min. Farrakhan more than any other Black man in America personifies Black leadership. Yes, he is my kind of guy.

If you are confused with the above headline allow me to clarify it.

Example: Our parents overwhelmingly would give us advice about how we should live our lives in a productive manner. Do you remember how we listened but went on and in many instances did what they had forbidden us to do? Yes, we listened, but failed to hear their message.

Have you ever been in church and people would remark at the conclusion of the sermon, “that the preacher was on fire today.” However, when the question is asked about the text of the sermon often the response is, “I really don’t remember.”

Yes, they listen, but once again they fail to hear.

Politicians give typical political speeches and the voters listen, but when the politician is elected the voters are often disappointed.

That is because we fail to hear the double-talk of the politicians.

Minister Farrakhan spoke at length, and most of the statements he made were not original but absolutely important. They have been made by Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad, Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, Paul Robeson, Hop Kendrick, fathers, grandfathers and Black preachers of yesteryear.

What were the remarks?

(1) Blacks are a race of consumers.

(2) If Blacks become self-supporting then outside interests lack power over us.

(3) That we are a race hell bent on self-destruction.

(4) Integration is not our enemy, but assimilation is. Too many ascribe to emulating their oppressors.

(5) President Obama serves as an inspiration, particularly to the youth as to what a Black person can achieve.

(6) We must become entrepreneur driven.

(7) Elders must impart their knowledge to their offspring.

(8) Our churches have become 501c 3 driven. Materialism has replaced doing God’s work.

(9) Black men are denied the right to work and provide for their families, thereby destabilizing the home.

(10) We become drug addicts and alcoholics and kill our brothers and sisters, because we are driven by self-hate.

(11) Blacks must come to terms with who they are and whose they are.

(12) It is imperative that Black men understand and live out the fact we must respect Black women.

The minister concludes his message to Black America by putting a major emphasis on “A” true Black man stands and only the POWER OF TRUTH will elevate us out of the horrible self-destructive system we find ourselves in. Did you hear Farrakhan or just listen?

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(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum Page.)

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