I don’t know about you but it seems like it has been 24/7 Charlie Sheen. It starts in the morning, and while you are driving he is being talked about on the radio. When I get home the Sheen saga continues. Give my behind a break, please. Who cares about Sheen and his $2 million an episode on a show that I have never seen. What in the world is “Two and A Half Men” about anyway?


I guess I need to watch it to see what all the hype is about—this actor making all of the cheddar. If we aren’t getting minute-by-minute updates on Sheen we’re watching Lindsay Lohan go to court in the wrong attire. If girlfriend stole the necklace lock her up or make her pay for it. Stop wasting our time with this mess. Besides the necklace doesn’t look like it was worth $25 much less $2,500.

These stars are making all this money and can’t keep their lives straight. I’m an entertainment junkie but I’ve had it up to the silver hair with these losers drinking and drugging and being the center of every news show. Just the other day Christina Aguilera was picked up for public intoxication and her boyfriend was driving under the influence. HIRE A DRIVER. What is wrong with this people? I thought Aguilera was pretty cool and rather soulful, what’s wrong girl?

I think Charlie wants to be the next Hugh Hefner, he has already started his live-in harem. Mark my words, next thing you know he’ll have a reality show with all of his live-in women just like Hef.

Last I checked there were several wars going on, people are in need of jobs and the real estate market is still limping along. I call these real issues. The last I heard there is a move on to try to put Obama out of the White House. While we are nodding off on this nonsense news? One day we’ll wake up and find that we’ll have to work until 70 to get our Social Security, gas will be $6 a gallon and the Obamas will have been kicked out of the White House and sent back to Africa.

Part of this is just my fantasy of what is going on, but the issues with the stars are real. Why do we care? I can’t get over why people who have so much at stake act so reckless, I’d like to have a hit show that paid me millions of dollars. You wouldn’t have any trouble out of me. I’d tape my show and go home and count my money. I was always from the Rev. Ike school of thought. I believe that the lack of money is the root of all evil. So what is the problem?

Let’s talk about some real gossip. How did Aretha Franklin lose the 80 pounds? Is Bobbie Christina really snorting cocaine and when will Jermaine Jackson pay his back child support so he can come back to the United States? And what or who is keeping Bishop Eddie Long in the pulpit? Now that is what I call real news.

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