The New Pittsburgh Courier recently celebrated its 100th year, so we asked Pittsburghers if there is still a need for a Black newspaper and this is what you said:


“It’s great the Courier turning 100. I couldn’t get by without that paper. I think we still need a Black newspaper because no one else ­covers Black Pittsburgh the way the Courier does”
Jerrard Williams

“I am so excited the Courier turned 100. My father worked for the Courier as well as I interned with them. We still need a Black newspaper because African-Americans need to see positive news about Blacks that they would not see anywhere else so we need a Black newspaper.”
Nexus Ransom
Sales Clerk

“It’s awesome and it’s great news, everyone needs to know about Blacks and what is good about us not just the bad because people are still racist”
Kiara King
College Student

“It’s Great they turned 100 years old and I want to sell the Courier too, we still need a Black newspaper because it lets us express our views”
Don Burton
Sales, Post Gazette

“I think 100 years old shows a lot of history and the youth don’t know the history like on page two of the Courier, and we need a Black newspaper not only to show the current events in Black Pittsburgh but also to showcase Black history every issue not just the month of February.”
Michelle Kemp
McKees Rocks

“I think it’s great they turned 100 years old, much respect and it’s nice to see that they made it all this way, I hope they become a bigger paper because I see the need for more coverage on Blacks in the Pittsburgh community. The need is real clear.”
Justin Coleman

(Compiled by J.L. Martello. Photos by J.L. Martello.)

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