Valuable attributes to looking for a date or networking are being likeable, approachable and memorable, says dating expert and lifestyle coach, Fauna Solomon. Confidence and happiness also play an important role. In her professional opinion confidence is a habit and happiness is a gift and the most attractive quality one can possess.

“Giving every individual the joys of happiness by assisting them to release their ability to be happy is my goal,” said Solomon the operator of The Dating Truth. “The ability lies within them.”

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT—As a prelude to her upcoming, function, Fauna Solomon stimulates the crowd during the August Wilson Center’s Love Jones event. (Photos by Diane I. Daniels)

A year ago, Solomon established, a dating blog that tackles the challenges of dating from an honest perspective, offering the single audience bold and blunt advice. She describes as a lifestyle enhancement website focused on single men and women that offers free advice articles and serves as a resource for dating information, as well as events for singles. “The Dating Truth is a site dedicated to removing the roadblocks that make dating difficult in the first place. It’s a site that offers not only answers but solutions by telling you the truth,” described Solomon.

To date or to be a date, Solomon says one should know what dating is. She defines it as interacting with strangers on an intimate level with the intention of building a romance. “It’s not perfect and it’s not a science,” she said.

Considering herself an expert, Solomon said her credentials come from dating often, with success. “What makes me knowledgeable is not that I’m a psychologist, sociologist or trained in any capacity on human behavior. What makes me a dating pro is simple: I help people date well” she said. “I am an expert because I tell people what to do, why they should do it and how it will bring them the results they are looking for. I express what I know clearly and in a concise way. I use honesty and succinct explanations to get the information across.”

Ten pointers Solomon provides which she considers commandments are: to have faith, to have fun, to realize that rejection is inevitable, to have standards, to be optimistic, to know that dating takes guts, to have an open heart and mind, to maintain your dignity and to have options.

To augment her blogging and counseling services Solomon also hosts and sponsors events. Feb. 25 she is promoting the second installment of The Dating Truth live, a panel discussion featuring Pittsburgh’s’ most intriguing minds. Consisting of a mixed panel of men and women, the evening, she explained will offer an open dialogue between the sexes, to solve the most pressing issues singles face today candidly, with controversy and humor.

Author Damon Young is a key participant in “Find Your Love”—Everything you need to know about Dating, Sex & Relationships taking place at the Kelly-Strayhorn Theater in East Liberty. His book, “Your Degrees Won’t Keep You Warm at Night: The Very Smart Brothas Guide to Dating, Mating and Fighting Crime” is receiving much buzz among singles in the region.

Along with Solomon and Young, other panelists will include Kimberly Ellis aka Dr. Goddess, Jason “JRuss” Russell, Teejay Boogie, Josh Colbert, Wadria Taylor and Lisa Cook. Entertainment will be provided by singer songwriter Bridgette Perdue and dancer choreographer Jessica Simmons.

“This event will prove to be an extraordinary night of discussion, engagement and entertainment,” said Solomon. “Damon and I, who people classify as two of Pittsburgh’s most talented relationship bloggers, have come together to produce ‘The Dating Truth Live’ hoping it will spark an exciting conversation about love, sex, relationships and dating. The event will be a unique and enlightening experience.”

Solomon, a former automobile showroom receptionist is no stranger to entrepreneurship. Her father Phil recently retired from the family business Solomon Steel Pans and her three sisters are involved in business in some form.

“I’ve always wanted to be a writer,” said 28 year old Solomon. “Blogging is a way I can connect with people all over the universe. I started a blog about dating to have a forum to write about what I know. I love talking to people, hearing their stories and problems.”

Not focusing on either gender, Solomon describes her basic client as males between ages 25 and 40. “So many people are living a life that isn’t self-designed,” she said. “As a lifestyle manager and dating coach I teach people the tools to create happiness in their lives.” In her one-on-one coaching Solomon said clients learn how to dress to attract the right attention, how to read body language and take social cues, how to flirt properly, how to be sexy all the time, ways to use meditation to get the person of your dreams, where to find suitable dates, how to approach someone for the first time, how to be memorable, how to be irresistible and how to exude superior confidence.

Excited about the Feb. 25 event at the Kelly-Strayhorn Theater, Solomon said the above mentioned techniques are just a sample of what she and Young hope the audience will receive from “Find Your Love”—Everything you need to know about Dating, Sex and Relationships.

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