The U.S. House recently voted to repeal the Health Care Reform law and it’s now in the U.S. Senate where it’s favored to be upheld. The president is expected to veto any bill that would repeal this law. So we asked Pittsburghers their view and this is what you said:


“I am worried about my grandmother and my grandfather who have health care now but what happens if they repeal it, how is it going to affect them? I think they should leave it alone and it will work itself out.”
Raven Rucker

“I think the GOP is out of line with this because they always cried there was not a healthcare reform law and now there is one (and) they want to repeal it cause they didn’t come up with it. People are scared of change. I work with it every day and they need to get over it and give it a chance.”
James Bridges
Case Manager

“They are not replacing it with anything of their own and they are not coming up with anything new for themselves.”
Nathan Champ
West Mifflin

“I am not surprised and I think there are things in it that does need repealed, however, I don’t want them to hold back and not have health care for people like myself who need benefits.”
Alisha Reed
Operation Specialist

“I think it is a Republican effort to stop any process the administration is trying to make. They should of come up with things of their own and should come up with a way to make it better for everyone instead of throwing it in the trash.”
Greg Gains
North Side

“I am disappointed they are taking valuable time to undo something that will help most of the people and think there are so many other issues they need to deal with and collaborate with each other on. You can get more out of loving each other than fighting.”
Rev. Maureen Cross Bolden
Community Service Activist

(Compiled by J.L. Martello. Photos by J.L. Martello.)

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