:10 OK…OK…OK, I was wrong. I missed one! The only one I missed all year. I said Mubarak would hold the seat and run Egypt and he pulled out. So shoot me why don’t ya? Oh, bad choice of words, my bad. (Wait…you thought I was talking about the Steelers winning the Super Bowl and Pouncey playing…double bad !!)


:9 Speaking of the Super Bowl:

1. You can’t give the ball away 3 times.

2. You don’t try 52 yard field goals in the first half with a chump kicker.

3. I’ve said it all year, you’ve heard me…the No. 1 defense in the league has to play like the No. 1 defense in the league!!!

:8 You still think we can’t support an NBA team? The next time you watch a game, look at the sold out arenas…every one of them.

:7 I keep saying it, but nobody’s listening. All the Super Bowl coverage for a month or more on radio, T.V., newspapers, magazines, interviews, web sites, facebook, twitter, all that stuff mannnnnnn…and only three Black voices heard in Western Pa. and that’s for a league that’s 80 percent Black. C’mon Man !!!

:6 If the “sky-hook” created by the legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (quite possibly the greatest college and pro player of all time) is considered the most unstoppable shot in basketball, why doesn’t every player over 6’9” master it?? (I am talking to you Andrew Bynum).

:5 Rayco Saunders, our local Light Heavyweight World Boxing Champion, has just completed his book and it’s the real deal. You better read it or he’s gonna knock you out!

:4 If…IF “Mello” goes to L.A., it’s over!

:3 Do this and do it now! Everyone reading this, pick up a pen and paper and send a quick note to our champion DeJuan Blair and congratulate him. Tell him how proud you are. (For you City League grads, just go on-line and get the address for the Spurs…HUH?)

:2 Hey “Raider Bob” the Steelers return to the Bowl next year. Take it to the bank. They’re still hungry.

:1 Ulish Carter…Here come my Lakers!


:00 A fond farewell to The Champions champion, Chuck Tanner. The Skipper for the “79” Pirates World Champion Team. You were Fam-i-lee !!!


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