I just heard the saddest story. Did you hear about the lady that came to the United States for plastic surgery to increase the size of her derriere? Well it appears that she found the person to do the surgery on the Internet and after she had the butt enhancing surgery she went back to her hotel room and died.


Trust that I am not making light of this but I just don’t understand how people so willingly put themselves in harm’s way. Breast implants and nose jobs are one thing but to increase the behind is something else entirely. Why not flip through a Fredericks of Hollywood catalog and purchase some padded underwear. I wonder if she ever saw that “Bootypop” commercial, she could have ordered some and saved her money.

This tragic incident happened in a Philadelphia hotel room. Reportedly there were four young ladies who made the trip and two had the injections, the one who died was only 20 years old. The cost of the jackleg job was about $2,000. Is this crazy or what?

I read further and found out that this was not the first time these young ladies traveled to the US for the injections. These ladies had been this way before in search of a JLo like posterior and apparently with success. The fake surgeons are still on the run. Let’s hope they are caught soon before more people are hurt.

The other news story that caught my attention was the story about the young lady that recently found her biological parents after 23 years. Carlina White was kidnapped from a Harlem hospital 23 years ago. What seemed to be a happy story of reunion has now turned sour. It has been reported that Carlina is inquiring about money that was received in a lawsuit against the hospital. Her biological mother says that money is gone, it sounds like they used the money to live on. It seems they never dreamed that their child would show up after 23 years. White has gone back to live with the family of the person that kidnapped her, it is the only family that she knows.

Here is an update on another story that had so much promise, Ted Williams the man with the beautiful voice has resurfaced and looks good. He has new teeth and looked quite handsome in a grey suit, white shirt and grey tie on one of the morning shows. He left rehab early and is trying to get back some of those voice over jobs that dried up when it was found he was not as squeaky clean as he claimed. He says if he is living in a sober environment he has a good chance. Currently he is living in California in a sober living house. I wish him well.

This is from the personal experience file. Be careful opening e-mails that appear to be from a good friend, especially when the subject line is blank. I did this twice and it was full of spyware, worms and Trojans. When I opened the e-mail there was a link that did not look quite right, I clicked on it and the worms were released. Lucky for me, my protection service is strong and no damage was done.

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