There have been several successful schools that practice year around school years or extended days, so we asked Pittsburghers what they thought and this is what you said:


“No, I don’t think they should. The education system acts to unify and to order experience so that students perceive organization, consistency, and system. In this effect, it provides a universal view that is taught as truth, but really it’s subjective.”
J. Gaines
East Liberty
Customer Service

“I think we would see improvement in our Pittsburgh Public School students with year round and extended day schooling. Our students are already struggling to keep up with testing. With extended days the lessons can be reinforced. Homework assistance would also be available. With education year round, there can be a constant flow of learning that can help students progress in many ways.”
Tina Daniels
Brighton Heights

“No, I don’t think so. Long periods of school do not teach you more. You have to have alternatives that enrich the lives of students. They need to be able to explore different things that may not be academic.”
Kaceem Barnet
Hill District

“I don’t think school should be year round. Children learn most of what is taught in school during the first five years. After that, you are just taught things like discipline, which has nothing to do with what you could be learning. It’s a waste of time.”
Onasile Barnett
Hill District

“I think they should be year round. I believe students could use more extended education. I don’t think there are enough hours in a day to each students enough to make it in this world. This could also cut back on some of the violence in the streets if they (students) are where they are supposed to be. Additionally, it could cut back on parents having no place for their children to go in the summer when they may be at work. I’m all for the education.”
Rhonda Williams-Morris
West End

“I think it depends on the focus. If it’s on providing extra academic assistance for children who may be behind or struggling, I don’t have a problem. The students who have the most risk-factors, barriers, and struggles need the most and best resources. If the extended day and/or year long schooling includes innovative strategies and culturally relevant and socially practical interventions, I am in support of it.”
Medina Jackson
Community Outreach Coordinator

(Compiled by Erin Perry. Photos Erin Perry.)

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