As we go about our regular routines, are we in a state of improvement, decline or no change at all? Those of us who pay attention and are really concerned recognize the decline in our over all status. I understand very clearly that there are those who perceive themselves as doing all right and they too frequently perform in that long time detrimental role of the spook that sits by the door, gate keepers and I believe the most deadly to themselves is assimilation.


Why do I state assimilation is the most deadly, because those people that you aspire to be like are the ones that have practiced every form of degradation in the history of this nation. They truly believe that pigment of our skin makes us inferior to them in every aspect of this nation. Yesteryear and even in 2011 at every opportunity Blacks are denied an equal opportunity, education, employment, promotions business opportunities, etc.

There are Blacks who have titles of Director of Human Resources and Black men or women don’t get hired and they will look you in the face and say, “Well those persons just are not qualified.” Over the course of my life I have had the opportunity to question some of these individuals and with all the education they have, they justify their deplorable actions by saying, “I must feed and provide for my family.” The dope man uses the same flawed argument.

In the very near future I will do a column on a local corporation that has over 2,000 employees and only 20 are Black, you will be or should be shocked.


1. Are you an ACTIVE member of a Mosque or Church?

2. If there is a perception that your organization is no longer relevant, have you convened a meeting to make a determination if you are doing something that needs changed?

3. Because you sacrificed and went to college, have a decent job, live in a neighborhood outside the city, do you and yours look down on those of us still in the inner city?

4. When you read or watch the news, which focuses on the negative actions of young Blacks, do you refer to these misguided youths as those kids or our kids, because except by the grace of God they could be yours or my children or grandchildren?

5. It’s election time once again, will you be a part of an organization that will duplicate what they are doing in Chicago—to rally around Black candidates or candidate?

The kind of changes that must take place throughout Allegheny County that will elevate Blacks at every level cannot and will not occur by the thousands, but it can happen when it starts with the individual—you and me.

Please remember that the Kingsley Association needs your support.

(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum Page.)

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