The Target store in the East End is near completion so we asked Pittsburghers what impact they felt it would have on that area and this is what you said:


“I think it’s the sign of the times. I think it will be a good thing financially for Target and could end up being a good thing for East Liberty as well. My question has always been: what’s going to happen to all the people that have been displaced by all the new development, are they being thought about or are they being just swept under the rug?”
Nate Mitchell
Penn Hills

“It’s definitely going to bring a lot of people to the area, that is what they’re trying to do, draw some attention to the area. It’s going to knock out some stores. Some of the smaller stores will probably go out of business. Although it’s going to lose business, it will bring a lot of business in, it’s a catch twenty-two.”
Alexis Murphy
East Liberty

“I think it’s going to be excellent for the community, provide jobs and hopefully it will boost the economy in this area.”
Cherry Daviston

“If it brings jobs and employs the people of East Liberty then it will be great, if not then I don’t think it will be.”
Curtis Miller
Braddock Hills

“It’s going to bring in a lot more traffic to the area and more traffic means more business to us small business owners that are here in the local East Liberty area. I think East Liberty is a great place and it’s time that we increase the revenue here in East Liberty.”
David Burton
East Liberty

“I think it will help the community in East Liberty, because it will bring jobs, a lot more money and then people won’t have to go outside of East Liberty to get the things that they want.”
Marla McCreary

(Compiled by Gail Manker. Photos by Gail Manker.)

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