Now that the holidays are over all the goodies that your co-workers had at home are showing up at work. On the first day back to work after the Christmas and New Year’s holidays there was a plethora of cookies, candies and various treats. Every desk, every aisle had an array of leftovers to snack on. No one wanted to see these items bought with love go to waste. Every time I passed a bowl of candy cane, Hershey Kisses and Andes Candies I had to take one. One co-worker placed her cookies on top of the copier so the day turned into a copy and a cookie.

We all know if we leave these items at home we will have to eat them all alone or you may end up throwing them out. Wouldn’t that be a waste to throw it all away? What about those scraps from a meeting? Every time there is a breakfast meeting there are leftovers and they land in the kitchen. The news spreads like wild fire. “Scraps in the kitchen,” and everyone comes running like we never had food before.

The other day there were brownies with nuts. A rare find where I work, no one likes walnuts in their brownies so there was a lot leftover. I can’t believe that I ate one in the kitchen and took two with me. They were delicious. Hopefully the goodies will soon run out and we can get to our mission of shedding pounds and trying to implement those resolutions that we make every year.

Please don’t become a victim of the ads, commercials and offers for weight loss; you can do this on your own without spending a ton of money. The purchases you may need to make are a good pair of walking shoes, a pedometer and a work out DVD. Your goal will be 10,000 steps a day. You can accomplish some of this while you are at work. If you drive to work park your car further away and walk on your lunch break. There are even exercises that you can do right in your desk chair. If you Google exercising at work you will find thousands of sites with directions on how to do chair squats and dips, upper body exercises and abdominal exercises using a water bottle as a weight.

Now that you have gotten past the holiday season get to work. Find your motivation. If that has been hard for you to do think about this, simple exercise will help you sleep better, improve your quality of life, reduce stress, lose weight, boast your mood and give you more energy. The hardest part of exercising is getting started. Think about a goal. Maybe you have a wedding or vacation coming up. What about that dress or pants that you can no longer zip or button?

We all know our First Lady Michele Obama is big on healthy eating and getting your body right, so do it for the first family. Think of it as your own personal support of the president. A healthy population means we won’t be in dire need of health care and we’ll be healthier to campaign for Obama’s second term. I know, that was a stretch but I’m trying to motivate us both. Resist the temptation, get moving.

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