(NNPA)—Why are we sacrificing more lives in a war that has no identifiable victory in sight? They say we will leave when we “win,” but what does that look like? Do we really believe we can “win,” and do we think the Afghan people will miraculously change to our way of thinking and our way of doing things when we leave? You would think that nearly 5,000 lives lost in the Iraq war, which was based on a lie and cost taxpayers nearly $1 trillion, would be a pretty good hint for us to stop the current madness in Afghanistan. So, why are we still there?

Osama Bin Laden, as far as our intelligence can tell, if he is still alive, is somewhere in Pakistan; Hamid Karzai, the president of Afghanistan, is corrupt and living very well with all the cash being dumped in his country; and, as was the case in Iraq, billions of dollars are being wasted each week as we continue to use more than 100,000 soldiers to fight against a relatively small group of Al-Qaeda, or is it the dreaded Taliban

Here’s the bottom line: As usual, the arms dealers and the other usual suspects from the Iraq war are the beneficiaries of the $2 billion per week price of this war. No-bid contracts abound, and the cash is flowing like Niagara Falls into the coffers of the same folks who “lost” $9 billion in cash in Iraq—money that still has not been accounted for.

Can you imagine what $2 billion per week would do for our economy right now? It was recently reported that the U.S. created 1.4 million jobs during the past year—in India, China, and other nations—not in our own country. What’s up with that? How many jobs could we create in 52 weeks with $104 billion?

All of this in the face of political hypocrites standing with hand over heart praising the young men and women who are risking and losing their lives in our latest quagmire. They say how much they appreciate and honor the soldiers for their service to this country, but they refuse to pay them for their service, and they silently stand by as many soldiers who are blessed to return home find themselves homeless and mired in poverty. So much for honoring their service to this country, huh?

War is and always has been about profiteering and cash flow for a chosen few. Obviously the war lobbyists and the companies that profit from the deaths of our soldiers are stronger than any of us could ever imagine. They control this game and the war is not over until they say it’s over. We railed against George Bush for Iraq; now Barrack Obama has recommitted to the war in Af­ghan­i­stan because as he once said, “that’s where we should have been in the first place.” That was then; this is now. Why are we there now? It must be the MONEY.

Our economy, at least for most of us, is in very bad shape. Many people in this country are suffering financially and, as a result, physically and psychologically. Millions are unemployed and without even the hope of going back to work. Gasoline is now on the rise again, reaching nearly $4.00 per gallon in some areas. (It’s interesting that no one is speaking out against this issue to any large degree, the way they did when Bush was President) One in five mortgages are under water or upside down, meaning homes are not worth what is owed on them. All of this and we are stuck in Afghanistan spending $2 billion a week on a war that has no victory in its future.

There is a definitely positive cash flow in Afghanistan, and it’s flowing to the well-oiled war machine driven by the warmongers and their political puppets. How is your cash flow, Black America? Are things going good for you? How about you young soldiers out there? Have you found a home yet? Has some of that cash flow reached you yet? What about senior citizens? No cost-of-living increases for you—two years in a row. You doin’ all right?

What a farce! What a sham! What a disgrace! Get out of Afghanistan NOW! And use that $2 billion a week to help the people of this country. A novel idea, right?

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